In Memory of John ‘gramps‚’ Clifford

The very sad news came through last month that John had passed away. The obituary in the Southampton match programme was as follows:

‘John Clifford was a wonderful, caring and thoughtful husband, father and grandfather. The most-selfless person you could ever meet. Even until his last days his thoughts were for others.

He loved his family so much and would do anything for them. He ran the talking newspaper for the blind, and the hospital radio, because he didn’t want others who were less fortunate than himself to miss out on everyday things. He loved his church and everything to do with the church. He was a member of various choirs, and barbershop singing.

His other love was QPR. He attended regularly as a young man and later, at every opportunity he would go and support them.

He passed from this life on January 24th after suffering from cancer. He is now out of pain and at peace. He will be greatly missed by all. John will be remembered for his kindness and sense of humour.

Known to the online community as simply “Gramps”, John also wrote a fascinating book about the history of QPR (named QPR – The Old Days) from which he generously donated all of the proceeds to ‘QPR in the Community Trust’.

John has left far more than just an indelible mark in QPR’s literary archive he has also left one in all of our hearts.

Rest in peace, John’


We never met unfortunately but I felt that I knew him well. I first got in touch with John when he produced his wonderful book of QPR memories going back many years. He even donated the substantial proceeds to ‘QPR in the Community’.

He was a regular contributor on ‘QPR Reports’ site and he also posted on Indy’s for a while.

John was born in Hammersmith Hospital and he wrote that his family links went back as far as possibly the St. Jude’s days. His paternal grandparents lived in Boxmoor Street, which he describes as ‘a little road off the Norland Market in Shepherd’s Bush, which ceased to exist many years ago’. His father took him to his first Rangers game in 1939.

Sometime last year, I asked him for permission to include one particular account of his from the 50’s, to go with an article I’d been putting together, which he kindly agreed to.

John was laid to rest on the 18th February.

Thanks for all those memories John and God Bless you.

Rest in Peace.

Steve Russell

3 thoughts on “In Memory of John ‘gramps‚’ Clifford

  1. John was a friend of mine whom I truely miss. I used to ring him up and confuse his wife Maureen due to the time delay when talking. He was a wonderful, knowledgeable, kind and sincere man. A wicked sense of humour to boot. This is a very nice piece Steve and thank you for acknowledging him.

    I believe his first QPR game was against Torquay 0-0 (?).

  2. Steve, thanks for posting this lovely piece about John. I never met ‘gramps’ but felt like I knew him from the Report MB and from contact I had with him, when buying his book.
    Rest in Peace, John. A true gent.

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