The Disruptive Two Week International Break and a Look Ahead at Saturday’s Game at Newcastle

This latest two week break came at the worst possible time for us if you ask me. Just when the R’s put a team into place to start the climb up the table the international break comes into play and we find ourselves in a wee bit of a limbo.

It’s not that I don’t agree with internationals, I do, I even go to watch them from time to time, but why oh why now and why can’t it go back to the old days of playing them in midweek, with less friendlies and so on. I know I am getting on a bit and out of time with the modern game, but come on it really is ridiculous!

I mean, look at the state of the head body of the world game who are caught in the maze of brown bags and even our own FA think they are rubbish and that is the pot screaming at the kettle but still takes some doing.

I feel so much pride when I see a Northern Irish player playing for ‘Our Wee Country’ and if I am honest I feel huge pride in seeing current R’s players selected for any international side. Vargas and Isla showed this week why they are here and looking good as well I have to say.

When you see the 1970’s pictures of the players in their England gear from that great side that should have won the league, it makes you feel really proud that our wee club did that on the back of a manager who had a vision for Queen’s Park Rangers and that was an amazing outcome.

But I have to ask myself, are international fixtures now overdone? Are there too many of them or is it because the Champions League and the big clubs with the money are controlling the game too much? Is it just sheer greed from the governing bodies?

Or perhaps something that I cannot see but it looks to me that internationals are not embraced as they once were and could even be doing more harm to players and clubs like Queen’s Park Rangers than need be?

And by having the number of games, getting to wear the shirt of your country is not what it used to be or once again I could put that view down to my age?

I fear for the game and what the Premier League has in store for us all. I look at the American football teams coming here and now see they want to have one based here and wonder whether the Premier League will go global? Could we see the day when we are playing half-way across the world at three in the morning?

And if money is waved at us does that make us as fans ungrateful in our protest, outraged when this day comes or is there anyone in the game that cares what fans think?

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Which brings me to Saturday – a trip to St. James’ Park does my head in. That stand and section they put us in is beyond reason for any fans to deal with which is a shame as I love going to Newcastle. It’s always a good place to visit and play even when only a few of us used to travel up to that huge away terrace they used to have.

We can go there full of hope, the lads are leaving nothing on the pitch but their souls at games now and more than that, at last Charlie Austin is showing everyone the player we knew he was. Of course the downside is that being QPR someone will come in for him should this carry on, but that is the price clubs of our size pay.

That said, Charlie, as he showed on last week’s podcast, is just focused on playing for us and he is not the only one in form. Vargas, Henry and Green of late have all been a real boost but I think huge credit should and needs to go to Richard Dunne. The man is something special at the moment and he’s the glue that holds the team together.

So for me this game cannot come quickly enough for the real Queen’s Park Rangers is standing up and ready for the fight maybe for the first time in the Premier. A point will be great but I will bite your hand off for all three. I don’t think the points gained of late really do our lads justice for the distance they have come since the start of the season.

Vargas and Austin to score, Dunne and Zamora to hold the lines would do me just fine, but I would take an own goal off of the arse of a Newcastle defender all day long!

One thing I do know is that you can place our fans as high in the sky as you wish but it will not stop them going to enjoy it.

Have a safe trip and if you need any advice on late night drinking dens Stephen Cross is yer man!

Mon the R’s.

Paul Finney

The only way to describe Newcastle’s start to the season is indifferent, from going 6/7 unbeaten to winning 5 on the bounce with the “Pardew/Ashley Out” campaign never far away.

It will be interesting to see if Newcastle can maintain their good form after this international break given as the 2 previous had been welcome given our poor form. The form book may suggest a home win but given key injuries to Obertan and Aarons who gave us the pace to counter attack very well, this maybe a bit of a different Newcastle side than in recent weeks. Also add in the loss of Coloccini at the back and this game may be closer than a lot of people think.

Personally the most pleasing thing about our recent winning run is our lack of conceding goals. To only concede 1 in 5 games is a good basis to build on and not one that we are noted for too much! Many Toon fans going to Saturday’s game will be going in expectation of 3 points I’m sure but that never really sits easy with me – after all this is Newcastle United – nothing’s ever that straightforward!!

Lastly I hope all R’s enjoy their trip up to Newcastle and I look forward to meeting a few and talking some football,best of luck for the rest of the season who knows where we will be come may when we meet again.

Peter Murray

One thought on “The Disruptive Two Week International Break and a Look Ahead at Saturday’s Game at Newcastle

  1. The England team whilst still in development are at least scoring goals, not to be compared to some teams in the past.

    QPR probably the same but the last few games they have really played so well and deserved more points.
    I think QPR can beat Newcastle and the score 3-1.
    Please be warned this is my feeling and predicted score every week. Come on you R’s. GVS

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