Major Access Problems to the Lower Loft

It would appear that at some point between May 2013 (the end of the 2012/13 Season and August 2014, the start of the 2014/15 Season), the Club changed their Season Ticket terms and conditions, making it compulsory for any adult Season Ticket holder in the Lower Loft to enter with either an under-8, an under-16 or an under-21.

It would also appear that no consultation with the fans was undertaken before being implemented and that also many R’s fans were unaware of the change. Well, until the recent Stoke home game that is, when the Club tried to implement the rule.

Chaos ensued outside the Lower Loft entrance resulting in many arguments taking place with stewards and ugly scenes occurring. Despite Club assurances to the contrary, some fans were denied entry.

The Club stated that this action was taken to enforce the rule because they had received complaints from other fans in the Lower Loft regarding adults entering on junior tickets, adults not attending with a child (thus breaking the new rules) and bad language. I do wonder why the Club didn’t just do the following:

– Inspect tickets upon arrival to prevent adults entering on child tickets.

– Consult with Season Ticket holders regarding entry without their children before making the change, and also to listen to their views.

– Police the bad language. I would question what the match day stewards are there for if not to deal with such issues.

The problems with the new rule are as following:

– Adult Season Ticket holders qualify to sit in the area, having already purchased their tickets in a party which includes children.

– Children cannot always attend games, and it’s often at short notice, due to various reasons including sickness, school and other commitments etc.

– The adults obviously want to sit in the seats that they have paid for in advance (and have a contract with the Club for the use of).

– It is difficult to understand as to why an adult with a child is okay, whereas exactly the same adult without a child is not? Particularly when they have already qualified to sit in the Lower Loft.

– The adults do not want to be “re-located” as the Club calls it. This will often be at short notice, this creating hassle on the day, moving to inferior seats, and possibly not staying altogether as a group. This doesn’t enhance the “match day experience” as the CEO’s letter refers to.

– The adults, when purchasing their Season Tickets, wish to sit with their family/friends in familiar surroundings.

– What would happen in a situation when there are insufficient seats to re-locate to?

– Why, are say three adults (father, mother and adult son) not considered a “Family” when their under-16 nephew is not able to attend? It’s supposedly a “Family Stand” not an under-16 Stand!

– It is ironic that in attempting the laudable target of creating future Rangers fans with new youngsters (which everyone would agree with), the Club damages its relationship with existing adult fans, who are exactly the same adults who are actually needed to bring these new young “Rangers” to the matches.

It all sounds like part of a utopian plan which will be harmed due to the implementation of inappropriate and unnecessary rules which benefit no one.

If as a Rangers fan, you agree with the above and want to support the campaign against this unfair and discriminatory policy, please forward your email to:

This list of supporters of the campaign from the emails received will be used to petition the Club to accept that the rule is wrong and should therefore change it.

I just hope that we don’t miss too many games (by being refused entry to matches that we’ve already paid to watch) whilst all this is being sorted out.


5 thoughts on “Major Access Problems to the Lower Loft

  1. Big big rethink required here. If I turned up on my own for a match because my son was busy..playing football commitment or for any other reason, and was refused entry then the club would have to physically remove me from the turnstiles. I would have no hesitation in taking legal action if any one of their stewards laid one finger on me. As a side note, the club should be paying me to attend the matches, such as been the underwhelming performances so far.

  2. i don’t agree with any of it. As a supporter that has been coming here for forty years, why have they made the loft family, when for as long as I remember the loft was the vocal point of the ground, now all the noise comes from the away end. Ridiculous

  3. Agree with Steve have never understood why the loft was commandeered as a family/members stand surely SAR would’ve been better used for that purpose,particularly the paddock?? The loft was always “the stand” and generated the most atmosphere. Same as the away end why not stick the away fans in a corner of the ground instead of spread across the width of the pitch? Crammed in and unable to get an atmosphere going like we are at many away grounds.

  4. Please see a summary of the meeting held this evening below:

    Dear All,
    Just got back from the Lower Loft meeting at Loftus Road.

    Present were 7 fans from the LL, Phil Beard, Jenny Winstanley (Ops Manager), Andy Rees (Customer Liaison), Diane (Box Office), One other Box Office representative whose name I didnt get.

    I think its fair to say that the club held its hands up for what has happened. Myself and one other supporter gave Phil Beard documents explaining the issues. Mine listed 38 points which I collated from all of the emails you sent me. Phil Beard promised to answer all of them.

    I also gave the club a copy of every email that I had received from you all, deidentified (because I felt it best to do so) to make the point about the depth of feeling.

    Discussions covered a number of topics including:

    Adults using kids tickets
    Location of the Family Stand (but don’t expect it to move)
    Adult entry without kids
    Upgrading of kids tickets to adults for night games
    The Stoke game shambles
    Consultation with fans
    Terms and Conditions

    The outcome is that the club have agreed the following:

    Adults caught entering on Child tickets will be dealt with under the rules of entry
    Swearing will be dealt with under Stadium regulations
    For the rest of this season no adult fan will be be turned away if they do not have a child with them
    For the rest of this season no fan will be relocated if you go without your child
    Before the end of this season the Club will begin consulting with the fans on the Family Stand for next season, including its location, and the terms and conditions of its operation.
    The club will continue to monitor any abuse of the Family Stand rules, other than that mentioned above.
    The club will write again to all Lower Loft Adult Season ticket holders sumarising the meeting.

    Taking into account the outcome above I plan NOT to leaflet the Lower Loft at the Liverpool game because I feel that the club has addressed the immediate issues and has promised to consult for next season. I will of course retain the Leaflets should they be needed in the future.

    I’d like to thank everyone for the support with this issue. In my opinion the outcome is positive, I hope that you all agree. Andy Rees did say that if at anytime fans have problems please email him.

    I will keep all of your emails and advise again as and when I hear anything.

    Once again many thanks to you all. I think we’ve got the best result that we could have hoped for this season, and the promise of discussions for next season

    Best Regards,

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