Curly Bartlett, the Window Tapper of Notting Hill

The following article appeared in ‘The Bystander’ section of the Graphic on 20th March 1909:

‘Curly Bartlett, the window tapper of Notting Hill, is employed by many whose callings compel them to start work in the small hours. He starts work about 2am and continues till 8am. He goes his rounds on a tricycle, and his stock-in-trade includes a jointed fishing-rod with which he rattles at the windows of his clients.


He is 70 years of age, but still pursues his business alone, although it is increasing, finding it difficult to obtain assistants’

That certainly sounds like a curious profession!

Steve Russell

One thought on “Curly Bartlett, the Window Tapper of Notting Hill

  1. Great article.
    I wonder who made sure he got up to do it?
    For those long in the tooth it would have done well on “What’s My Line” on BBC!
    Incidentally my big Rs supporting father appeared on that program.

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