Chelsea Opposition Q&A – Rivalry with QPR is “one-sided”…

This week I spoke with Chelsea fan Spencer Millman (@spencermillman) to get his thoughts ahead of our eagerly-awaited visit to Stamford Bridge…

– With a spending power few can match, Chelsea has made some high-profile signings over the summer like Cesc Fabregas, Diego Cost and notably for us Loic Remy. What would you say the new faces have added to your squad?

Apart from the fact that every time I watch Costa I feel like i’m watching someone from a old western movie (look at his face – terrifying) I think all three have added that killer instinct that we were crying out for. Fabregas providing that final ball which deserted us last season, and Costa and Remy actually knowing where the net is. Last season every time Torres got the ball we all wondered what row the ball would end up in, with these two, and not forgetting Drogba, there is now a sense that we will score with every attack.

– The Stamford Bridge exit door has also been swinging over the summer, with high profile departures such as David Luiz, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard and Romulu Lukaku to name a few. To what extent would you agree with these decisions?

Hard to argue with any of them to be honest. Lukaku, however well he did on loan, just never felt like he was going to be first choice at Chelsea which is what he was after and we got good money for him. Selling Luiz was a no brainer. Yes a great player on his day but far too inconsistent and at times a liability, to sell him for the money we did and bring in Costa and Fabregas for pretty much the same price was the best bit of business of the summer. Heartbreaking to see Cole and Lampard leave but the right decisions I think, although Lampard’s goal against us this season was hard to take.

– It’s now over a decade since Roman Abramovich picked up the reins at Stamford Bridge, and clearly success duly followed. From a fan’s perspective what has changed for the better over this time? Has anything changed for the worse?

Everything has changed for the better from a fans perspective. When I was watching Grimsby v Chelsea in the fa cup in early 90’s never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see us lift the FA Cup let alone win the league and the Champions League. The only blot on a brilliant era was the appointment of Rafa, even though he did well I do not know of a single fan who wanted him at the club.

José Mourinho - Chelsea 2013
Source: Ronnie Macdonald / Creative Commons

– Jose Mourihno is unsurprisingly a figure of fun / dislike / hatred (delete as appropriate) around W12. In your view, is he the ‘Special One’, and why? Why do you think he provokes such extreme reactions at times?

He is special, there is no denying that, you only have to look at his record not only in England but everywhere he has gone. There are things that surprise us sometimes as fans, for example last season dropping Cole in favour for Azpilucueta, but 99% of the time he makes the correct decision. To be honest I love his press conferences, he always seems to be able to press the right buttons in terms of winding up the opposition.

– Tactically what do you think of Mourihno? Is ‘parking the bus’ a fair charge to level at him?

Tactically brilliant. He will always pick a team that he thinks can win the game rather than who is necessarily in form. He picks the team depending on the opposition. I think sometimes he has parked the bus, Anfield last season was a good example of this, but he got the result and as fans that’s what counts. People always say wouldn’t you rather watch an entertaining team, my answer is simply I would rather watch my team win than be entertaining and lose. Isn’t that right gooners?

– Chelsea are of course the arch-enemy of Queen’s Park Rangers fanbase – how would you describe the rivalry?


-Rangers have struggled so far this term, but have been much improved in the last two games. Your thoughts on how we have started?

If I’m honest I would say you have 7 more points than I thought you would have at this stage. Really thought you would struggle this season but actually its not been too bad. Thought you deserved more out of the Liverpool game and deserved to beat Villa last week.

– Who is the Blues player to watch and why?

One word – Hazard. Been brilliant this season and just seems to be getting better.

– What do you make of QPR manager Harry Redknapp? How is his style and approach to management seen by Chelsea fans?

I can’t talk about how he is seen by other Chelsea fans, but personally I like Harry. Straight talking, good in the market and think gets the best out of what he has on offer to him. Would have happily seen him as England manager a few years ago. He does seem a little tired these days though

– Which current QPR player/s do you rate or admire, if any? What about QPR players of the past?

Think Dunne, Caulker and Austin are good players. Think Austin is important to you staying up this season. QPR players of the past has to be Sir Leslie Ferdinand. Can I just say how sorry (and I mean this honestly) I was for you having Boswinga at your club. He is the only Chelsea player that has irritated me to the extent that he ruined all the Munich 2012 celebrations for me with his stupid grinning face and pushing everyone out of the way to hog the limelight. Really didn’t like him at all and know exactly how you must have felt having him at QPR. Hideous player.

– Which three teams do you tip for the drop this season and why?

Burnley, Leicester and either West Brom or QPR (sorry!) Purely down to squad size and quality of players

– Score and prediction for Saturday’s game?

My heart say 4-0 Chelsea, but we haven’t had it all our own way against you boys recently so think it maybe a bit tighter, possibly 2-1 to Chelsea.

Thank you once again to Spencer for taking the time out to share his interesting insight!

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