Dave Thomas on Sir Tom Finney and the 1974 Radio Times Cover Story

MP: What was the story behind you being on the front cover of the Radio Times Dave in August 1974 with Tom Finney?

DT: Well it was when Don Revie had left Leeds United to become the new England manager, after Sir Alf Ramsey. The BBC wanted to run an article and I was contacted. I had not made my England debut yet, but I had played for the England schoolboys, Youth and the Under-23’S. The photo was taken and later I was given the copper printing plate with the cover design as a souvenir. A few monthslater I made my full England debut v Czechoslovakia.
radio times

MP: It’s funny – we used to get the Radio Times delivered at home every week with the newspapers. I remember picking it up as it dropped through the letter box one morning before going to school and shouting out to my Dad: “Dave Thomas is on the front of the Radio Times” and my Dad said: “Don’t be stupid – of course Dave Thomas isn’t on the front of the Radio Times!” I went up to him with the Radio Times and said: “Well who’s that then?” My Dad was shocked! It’s a good photo.

DT: It’s a very good photo. He was a gentleman, a lovely man.

Martin Percival

One thought on “Dave Thomas on Sir Tom Finney and the 1974 Radio Times Cover Story

  1. Great cover picture.
    I miss seeing Dave Thomas galloping down the wing socks down (note that the pampered over protected poodles of today)on ploughed fields of pitches.
    Great player and in a great team.

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