Can anyone help with the Name of this 1940’s/50’s Barber Shop in (Probably) Askew Road, Shepherd’s Bush?

Sue Holman grew up in Askew Mansions, Shepherd’s Bush and as a child she had her hair cut in a barber’s shop close by. Later, the family moved down to Cornwall, and she used to return to the Bush from time to time to visit relatives, but doesn’t remember if the shop was still there then?

However, she does know that the shop must have survived the Blitz as it was definitely still in existence in 1951. She is eager to find out the name of the barber’s shop pictured below and its exact location. She thinks it must have been situated in Askew Road somewhere near Askew Mansions. The only other detail is that she thinks the barber’s name may have been Bert?

barber shop

I have scanned the photo in the hope that it will jog someone’s memory so that I shall be sure of the name and the location. As children both girls and boys had their hair cut there. As we left the area when we were very young, and as our parents have now passed on, I can’t get any more details from the family.

Can anyone help Sue solve the mystery?

Steve Russell

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  1. I can only recall two Barbers Shops in Askew Rd. I used the Seven Stars barbers across the road from the Seven Stars Pub at the beginning of Paddenswick Rd.That was probably around from before the War.
    The second ‘modern’ barbers appeared about 1969 near the old Police Stn further down Askew Rd.

  2. Yes i remember johnys at seven stars my brother and i used it nans choice not ours also recall barber in cobbold rd near the police station

  3. Sue.

    I lived at no 46 Askew Rd from 1952 to 1960 and at 34C Ashchurch Park Villas From 1960 To 1974.

    I am certain during that period there was not a Barbers near Askew Mansions…and during the early 1960’s I had a friend Paul Gosden who lived in the mansions who I used to visit sometimes. I never saw a Barber Shop either adjacent or opposite.

    The Barbers I recall from this era are “Toms” at the top of Cobbold Rd. The Seven Stars shop which is still there and an establishment opened in the 70’s opposite Kelmscott Garden which catered for West Indian Clientele.

    I reckon this particular shop you refer to must have ceased trading before the Coronation ie 1953 at the latest.

    The block of shops almost opposite the Askew Mansions in my young day were Standens, a butchers(Hammetts?)and the Pie and Mash place that I believe Cookes owned?

    Bernard Lambert (Kerrins)

  4. I think it must have been the Seven Stars barbers young Kerrins as I lived next to the Mansions from 1949 and that was the only one I can remember in the fifties.
    Still remember the wooden plank put on the chair for us nippers! Anything for the weekend ..sir?!

  5. Colin we cant both be wrong surely…Honestly the nearest barbers to the Askew mansions in the 1950’s and 1960’s must have been the Seven Stars establishment.

    By the way as well as Paul Gosden did not the Collins family live in Askew Mansions? John or James Collins a friend of Ray Wannell and also a Fulham supporter. They sometimes attended games together at Craven Cottage.

    • You are correct …yet again!! Paul lived in No1 and the Collins family occupied No17 having looked at the Electoral Register. ( didn’t think I would have known it without doing so!!)
      Looking at the modern shop front on Google Map the Barbers now (Ali and Son) looks about the same size as the above photo with the entrance door the same side.

  6. Many thanks Colin, Phil and Kerrins for your contributions. We left London in 1951 and looking at the picture of ( Bert ? ) it is possible that he retired not long after, thus before the Coronation.

  7. Hello Sue, I also linked this article on Facebook and Bob Bowman says that their shop was on the corner of Starfield Road and Askew Road.

  8. What a small world, today I heard from cousin Bill who confirms that Bert’s shop, yes he was Bert, was opposite Askew Mansions. In fact Bill says they were spoilt for barbers once upon a time as another was opposite the church and a third near the Police Station. Have asked Bill if he can remember the name of the shop and /or Bert’s surname. Have also sent him the link for this site. Thank you Bob Bowman for replying. Steve what name is the Facebook page, please ?

  9. Sue, that Facebook page is: You’re Probably from W12 if…………….
    Best wishes – Steve

  10. Well thats interesting to know that there was once a Barbers shop on the Corner of Starfield Rd/ Askew Rd…however I must confess I dont recall it being there… certainly not beyond 1956

  11. I agree Kerrins. I’m sure my Mum would have taken me to it if it existed in the early 1950’s onwards.

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