The Fourth Taddy & Co. QPR Cigarette Card – Joseph Fidler

Taddy & Co. produced three sets of cards in their Prominent Footballer series. This is the fourth QPR card I have featured from the first series in 1907.

On the reverse side of the card it reads: “These cards are issued with Taddy’s ‘Myrtle Grove’ medium cigarettes”.


Joseph Fidler was born in Sheffield in 1885. He was signed from Fulham in 1906 and made his first team debut later that year against Clapton Orient on 29th September.

Fidler went on to make 192 appearances for Rangers before being transferred to Woolwich Arsenal in 1913. A year later he moved on to Port Vale and in 1915 he joined the Middlesex Regiment.

Steve Russell

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  1. The 17th Middlesex Regiment was the famous Footballers Battalion formed from Professional Footballers and Supporters who joined to be with their team. Joseph lasted about a year before being discharged on health grounds. This probably saved his life as a high number of the Battalion were subsequently killed in action.

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