R’s Fan Andy Morley Runs a Hotel & Activities Company in Blackpool

Andy Morley has helped many R’s fans over the years with accommodation etc. in Blackpool and with our forthcoming match there on 14th December, he put up the following message on Facebook:-

‘I have put together some packages as I run a hotel activities company. I have booked Rangers fans in Blackpool previously and I can save you pounds on the rates. If you want further information please contact me. We normally get a couple of hundred staying over the weekend and it is great fun.’

He later emailed me some further information regarding the promotional package he has to offer: ‘Your package includes our Blue VIP wristband for each person in your group. The wristband is valid all weekend and includes promotions in a number of mainstream bars, clubs, gents clubs, karaoke bars, cabaret shows and restaurants.’

Winter night in Blackpool
Photo: Matt Verrill

‘The promotions include things like free or discounted entry, queue jumping privilege, drinks promotions and discounts in party friendly restaurants and lots of other special offers. The wristbands will be hand delivered to your hotel the day before you travel and each one comes with a colour promotional flyer and a street map.’

For further details please call Andy on: 01253 858993 ext 602 or email him at: andy@awesomeweekends.co.uk

Steve Russell