Down at the ‘Bush’ in 1957 with Queen’s Park Rangers

The team picture shown below was taken from the cover of that popular national football weekly, ‘Soccer Star’. Dated 14th September 1957, the caption reads:

‘Last season, Queen’s Park Rangers enjoyed one of their most successful post-war campaigns and this season, they have started at a cracking pace. Pride of place on our cover this week is the whole of the Queen’s Park Rangers playing staff. They read, left to right: (Back row): A. Allum, K. Rutter, T. Newcombe, J. Crabb and W. Temby.

(Middle row): J. Eggleton (assistant trainer), A. Andrews, P. Kerrins, D. Baker, M. Powell, R. Springett, P. Lay, T. Standley, E. Smith, A. Farmer (trainer).

(Front row): W. Finney, T. Peacock, A. Longbottom, A. Ingham, J. Taylor (manager), A. Dawson, R. Cameron, P. Angell and P. Woods.

Soccer Star cover

Rangers are out to do big things this year. “We are not just content to remain in the Third, we are after Second Division status next season,” manager J. Taylor told us. Rangers fans are keeping their fingers crossed.’

However, looking at that list I noticed that there are a number of mistakes. For example, they have omitted the names of two players from the back row. Also, Jimmy Eggleton and Alec Farmer are named as being in the middle row, but clearly not shown ? I wonder if they apologised for these errors the following week ?

There is a reference to the recent behaviour of some R’s fans on Page 4 in Graham Payne’s ‘Last Weekend’ section:

‘Queen’s Park Rangers fans seem to have taken a leaf out of Everton fans’ books. Everton fans, you will recall have earned themselves a bad name with bottle-throwing and fights – last Saturday, one of the ten thousand fans who turned up at “The Bush” aimed a nasty blow at a Brighton player as the teams were leaving the field.

Referee G. W. Pullin of Bristol, was also involved in a scuffle in his dressing-room, and police were called. Come off it – a few of you will give the majority of Rangers’ supporters a name that smells.’

A name that smells ? QPR finished the 1957/58 season in exactly the same position as they had done the previous one.10th.

Steve Russell

8 thoughts on “Down at the ‘Bush’ in 1957 with Queen’s Park Rangers

  1. However, looking at that list I noticed that there are a number of mistakes.

    Must have been printed by the same people who printed most of the Divisions match progs which gave accuracy a bad name! Still it used to give us great fun before away games.
    Some great language being used. A different world.

  2. Was that your first season Colin ? Do you have any copies of Soccer Star from that period ? I’m now waiting for Bernard to confirm that he wrote a letter of complaint to the editor before settling down to do his homework !

  3. No I think my first was 59/60 season but may be earlier….Kerrins will Know!
    I do not have any Soccer Stars but I keep looking to get these old mags. Do they get sold at Prog Shows?

  4. Not much attention to detail there! They should have consulted me before going to press lol

    Colin I am certain you attended some QPR games with your Father prior to 59/60.

    I did have a complete collection of Soccer Stars from 66/67 to the end of 67/68 in Binders but gave them away following a change of residence. Why did I do THAT!!

    interesting article and needless to say from me…. A magnificent Kit! Bring it Back lol

  5. Note there is a 1961 copy on Ebay for sale for £4-50 I think which includes an Rs team photo.

  6. Saw my first game at Loftus Road in 1957-8. Must have been against Plymouth as I remember Ron Springett wore a red jersey in goal.

  7. Yes Greg Chapman that was my first season too.

    I was at that game against Plymouth(Oct 1957?) R’s won 1-0.

    I recall Ron Springett did wear a Red Jersey in one of the previous home games against Brighton (Sept 1957) R’s lost 1-0. That was my first match.

    Its likely that he was wearing a red jersey in this game too but I cant remember for certain. What is true though is that Harry Brown the Ex QPR Keeper was playing in goal for Plymouth.

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