Hammersmith Ram: 81 King Street, London W6

The pub was first known as the ‘Great Angell’ and may date back to before 1786 when it was a booking house for stage coaches. An admission of 1846 refers to the pub as the ‘Angel Inn’ with its stables, outbuildings, workshops and also a garden.

The site was at one time part of Pingsworth Field, which adjoined another field called ‘Browns’. Other former names include, ‘The Builders’ and the ‘Angel Hotel’.

Ram Hammersmith

The pub’s association with the name ‘Angel’ came from the religious connotation to the Salutation or Annunciation of the Angel to the Virgin Mary (as does the ‘Salutation’ pub situated further along King Street).

The pub was re-built in 1930 and in 1966 became known as the ‘Builders Arms’, a name taken from a pub on Bridge Road which was demolished in the 1950’s.

Apparently, it is the only pub in the area that is licensed until midnight from Monday to Saturday. On my last visit there I had a couple of pints of Young’s Special and sampled the ¬£5 lunchtime menu. There is a large old fireplace, wooden floor, exposed beams and a pic of the Queen Mum pulling a pint of Young’s Special.

There is live music every Wednesday from 9pm and the Sunday live sessions are hosted by ‘Hammersmith Irish Centre’s Finest’.

Steve Russell

(Thanks to Colin, aka ESSEXURs, for the above pic)

2 thoughts on “Hammersmith Ram: 81 King Street, London W6

  1. The Builders was my local when I lived in W6.
    Ran in those days (this would be the early/mid 70’s) by Jack & Elsie – both chronic tipplers.The head barman dropped while sweeping the yard one day – scirrhosis of the liver.A hard drinker’s pub, you might say.

  2. Does anyone know the history behind the Ram: when it was originally built, what type of population it catered to, if it has always been the same?

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