Armed Forces Day and QPR Fan Ruairidh (Rory) Burton of the Royal Highland Fusiliers

Today is ‘Armed Forces Day’ (formerly Veterans Day until 2009) and as a QPR connection to this commemoration, we profile R’s fan Ruairidh (Rory) Burton from Perth in Scotland. He joined the Royal Highland Fusiliers which comes under the banner of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and his proud dad Richard forwarded me the pic of Rory shown below.


Richard tells me that Rory took a year to complete his training due to a broken foot. Despite this he continued with his regiment for a further 5 weeks without telling anyone. He relied on taking pain killers until the last exercise before he was due to pass out when he caught his foot in a cattle grid which put him back 12 weeks !

Rory is currently based at Fallingbostel in Germany and is set for a tour of duty in Afghanistan in a few months. We wish him all the best.

Stay safe and well Rory.

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “Armed Forces Day and QPR Fan Ruairidh (Rory) Burton of the Royal Highland Fusiliers

  1. Steve, i am a QPR fan currently serving on HMS KENT in the Gulf, carrying out Anti Piracy and Anti Narcotics. Being a QPR fan on a ship of around 214 people has been particularily painful this year with the majority supporting other premiership teams! Looking forward to completing our 6 month deployment in October and returning to my young family and attending some games when the ships programme allows! Both Jude(4) and Austin(nearly 2) will be attending too!! We are nearly due a stand off in Dubai and will be Tweeting my views on Transfers and the Training ground saga when i can get to WIFI from @robCnelson86.
    Great to see your supporting the forces and its a nice little article about a young lad, braver than me putting himself on the front line! Fair play Rory!!

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