When Gerry Francis Fell Foul of the Law at a Photo-Shoot in 1976

The pic shown below was taken on 27th February 1976 and shows Gerry Francis being questioned by the police during a photo-shoot:

‘England soccer captain Gerry Francis is booked‚ by the law. The incident happened after the Queen’s Park Rangers’ star went to buy an airgun from a shop in Redhill, Surrey. He agreed to pose outside the shop with the shotgun for the benefit of photographers, but the police blew the whistle on the move before it had fully got underway. Squad cars sealed off the street and Gerry was questioned about the gun.
Police said later: ‚Mr Francis said he had no certificate and was told that the matter would be reported‚Recently bandits opened fire during a ¬£6,000 pay snatch only 200 yards from the shop. Police are clearly taking every possible precaution against seeing an action replay.’

This misunderstanding was quickly resolved of course and Gerry travelled with the team to Stoke the following Saturday.

Steve Russell