The Ripley Bros. QPR Card

When Ray’s Jazz Shop was located in Shaftesbury Avenue, there used to be a box of records described as “rare as hen’s teeth” by the counter. This particular card is probably in that category.

It is not known exactly how many cards in the Ripley Bros club colours set there are or when they were issued ? The Football Cartophilic Info Exchange website doesn’t know either, but they do list over 50 other known cards which includes a number of Rugby League clubs. It refers to the Burnley card as follows:

‘The card shown here was recently for sale on ebay with a starting price of ¬£95.00. I was hoping to try and date the card by checking when Burnley played in these colours, but when I checked the Historical Football Kits website it was nowhere to be seen !’

I would say that the set was issued sometime in the 1900’s and it must be after 1905 as that was the year Chelsea was formed.


The reverse side of the card reads: ‘We are GIVING AWAY during the Football Season, Jerseys and Shirts to everyone that send in LIST OF CARDS. See Window Bills. Ripley Bros., Hove Edge, Brighouse’.

My thanks to Martin Botwright for supplying me with the above image.

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “The Ripley Bros. QPR Card

  1. Love these old cards. Seems to be yellow on this site but Green on the Football Cart Exchange site, which is correct. Thought for a moment a new strip had been unearthed!!

  2. Colin, Yes, I don’t know why it changed so much in the scanning process ? Techie help has been requested mate.

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