The Comic Connection – No.7 – Roy of the Rovers – 29th January 1983

‘Roy of the Rovers’ has been featured twice before in this series and this particular edition is dated 29th January 1983. Graham Beach of Worcester Park, Surrey won ¬£3.00 for successfully requesting Mike Flanagan’s ‘goal’ in the 4-0 defeat of Shrewsbury Town earlier in the season.

Elsewhere, the first character to be featured is ‘Mighty Mouse’ – Kevin Mouse, known on the football field as ‘Mighty Mouse’, was a medical student at St. Victor’s Hospital and a part-time player for First Division Tottenford Rovers. Mouse was also in charge of St. Victor’s Hospital team and when they had a huge victory over a team of schoolboy reserves…they were invited out to Italy to play a crack amateur side, Roma Rebels…

‘Durrells Palace’ – Dan Wayne became player-manager of lowly Durrells Palace in the Western League and he worked hard to get new players and improve the stadium. But bad luck struck when one of their floodlight towers collapsed…and the council closed their ground. Then they had to replay a southern area cup-tie against Corby Sports…on Corby’s ground…and Palace went one ahead in the first thirty seconds !

The latest ‘Roy of the Rovers’ saga covers two pages in full colour – Melchester Rovers were fortunate to escape defeat by Tynecaster, when their league game was abandoned during a heavy snowfall. Now everyone at the club expected fit-again Charlie Carter to replace veteran ‘keeper Tubby Morton who had been brought back into the side by Roy at the Melchester training ground…

‘Tommy’s Troubles’ – Tommy Barnes and his pal, Ginger Collins formed their own soccer team, Barnes United , and the Council allowed them to use an old tennis-court area where they made a pitch and club-house. Barnes United had to play Canwell United in a Council Cup match…and one of their best players, Skinny Lane, was injured…

Next up were Steve and Terry, otherwise known as ‘The Marks Brothers’ – Cup fever had gripped the tiny market town of Midwich, who were shortly to experience the biggest day of their history…a home match against First Division giants Kingsbay in the 4th Round of the FA Cup !

‘The Hard Man’ – Danefield United skippered by hard man Johnny Dexter, were having a bad season. Manager Viktor Boskovic had resigned and vanished ! After some bad results, Danefield opened up an early two goal lead in their latest league match…

‘Space Invader’ – Video game fanatic Wilbur Robinson had forced his way into Wakeford Town Reserves side, against Compton Park, and thanks to his subtle skills, Wakeford were leading 5-0…four of the goals having been scored by Wayne Smith. As the game neared its end, Compton were still defending…

‘The Wheelchair Wonder’ – just two weeks after his fifteenth birthday, the highly talented Danny Kidd had a tragic road accident that ended his promising football career and confined him to a wheelchair. But hospital porter Jimmy Scott was determined that Danny would play again and took him down to his old club, Overbridge, for a trial….

Lastly, I must add that I’ve just read somewhere that there are four issues of ‘Roy of the Rovers’ that became available on Kobo and as iBooks ! I wonder what Roy thinks about that ?

Steve Russell

4 thoughts on “The Comic Connection – No.7 – Roy of the Rovers – 29th January 1983

  1. Excellent post Paul and Steve , I have this edition of Roy Of the Rovers somewhere in my loft, minus the Flanagan picture i’d imagine, it probably ended up on my old bedroom wall.
    Interestingly enough Marks and Spencer have signed a deal with Egmont publishing to sell Roy Of The Rovers branded stuff, it’s worth a visit, I recently got a best of the 1970s Annual.
    I remember most of the stories you mention here, “The Wheelchair Wonder” had to be the most far fetched ever!

  2. Well you can’t beat for me Nipper Lawrence, Billy Dane and Hot Shot Hamish. There is no way that pic is of Flanagan, a beautiful left foot touch player. It is Fenwick or Stainrod. Lol.

  3. Sorry Steve,it is Flanagan, I admit it is rare on his right foot, having said that he also did a spectacular slice with his favoured left foot in the 1982 F.A.Cup Final that landed on the greyhound track.

  4. Guys this is a great read and it prompted me to wonder about the issue that I had a picture published in many years ago. I have since lost the issue and have no real idea of precisely when it was published. I acquired a random issue from ebay and have decided to reunite it with the kid who was made into a rover. His name was Joseph Porter. I would be gratfeul if you would pass the information on to see if he can found. He is out there somewhere.

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