Wormholt Park – The First Hundred Years

Written by Peter Trott and edited by Cat Moulton

Peter kindly wrote a superb article for us in 2010 titled: ‘Thorpebank Road, Shepherd’s Bush & the QPR Connection’:


Last month I was invited to the launch of his book: ‘Wormholt Park – The First Hundred Years’ at the Hummingbird Cafe on Oaklands Grove. It was also nice to finally meet up with Peter. Following this very successful launch, a Press Release was issued on 21st September:

‘Local resident, Peter Trott, has written a book about the forgotten history of Wormholt Park in Shepherd’s Bush. The book has been published by local residents group, Friends of Wormholt Park.

When it opened in 1911, Wormholt Park was at the heart of community life. Old photographs reveal the story of festivals, galas, sports and the role the park played in the war effort during World War 2.

The book explains the meaning of the name Wormholt, the combination of the old English Worme or Wyrm and Holt indicates it was once a snake infested wood. The park opened on 27th June 1911 and an open air lido was opened alongside the park in 1923. A bandstand was built in the park in 1931 and a bowling green was opened in 1936.

The Second World War saw the park dug up and turned into allotments and shelter trenches. The post-war years saw the rebirth of the park when it became the centre of the community with school sports days, grand Bank Holiday galas and even a giant tented theatre.

By the early 1980’s, the park was in decline and the swimming pool and the bowling green had closed. When the new century began the park looked sad and neglected. In 2009 a small group of friends got together to campaign for better maintenance and facilities and to encourage greater use of the park by local residents. Word of their work spread and the Friends of Wormholt Park were formed in 2011.

The author, Peter Trott, has lived in Shepherd’s Bush all his life and is fascinated by local history. Peter has spent many hours in the archives unearthing old photographs and put on displays for local street parties to celebrate the Golden Jubilee in 2002, the Royal Wedding in 2011 and the Diamond Jubilee this year. Peter was asked to help with the park’s centenary celebrations in September 2011. Peter’s history timeline and photographic display proved so popular that the Friends of Wormholt Park asked him to write a book about the park. A year later the book has been published.

The Friends are a voluntary group and Peter gave his own time researching and writing the book. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Friends group. Books are available from local outlets in Shepherd’s Bush displaying posters.

The launch party for the book was held on Thursday 20th September 2012 at the Hummingbird Cafe. The Friends group would like to thank local estate agent Winkworth for sponsoring the launch.’

The book is well illustrated and represents excellent value at just ¬£3.50. It’s available from these local outlets: the Queen Adelaide, Chiropody Clinic, Hummingbird Cafe, John’s Hair Fashions, The Happiness Centre, Janet Adegoke Pool, Kodak Express and Glad’s Cafe.

Well done Peter and good luck with the book.

Steve Russell

3 thoughts on “Wormholt Park – The First Hundred Years

  1. I picked up a copy from the Adelaide on Tuesday after John Wild tipped me off that the booklet was available. It’s a really nicely produced book that’s essential for anyone interested in W12 history.

  2. I got the shock of my life when I first used the open air swimming pool when I was about 9 years old. It didn’t have a deep end but a deep middle and I nearly drowned when I got halfway down the pool!!

  3. Peter. I have just finished reading your Book. Great local history and Pics there.

    The Wormholt Park School Cup(and league) winning team of 1959 brought back particular memories of the era for me. They had the reputation of being a very good side I recall.

    The four years I was at Victoria primary 1957/58/59/60 the 1959 year was the only time we did not win that under 11 Hammersmith cup much to the disappointment of our Head Teacher and Sports master.

    I was part of the 1960 Victoria Team that regained the Trophy the following year(we beat Old Oak 3-0) but alas I missed the final Played at Loftus Rd.I played in every other round but a few weeks prior to the big day I got chicken pox..lost my form and my place in the team.

    I wonder how many times since 1959 Wormholt won that Cup. Was it a “one off” or rare event?..I know one thing for sure if the competition is still going Victoria will no longer be winning it lol

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