The North Pole Pub Will Be Ceremoniously Wrapped in ‘Crime Scene Do Not Enter’ Tape and There Will Be a Show of Local Dissatisfaction on Saturday to Plans for a Tesco Express Store

The North Pole is an historic pub on the corner of Latimer Road and North Pole Road, but now, it is sadly boarded up. There had been rumours for some time that firstly Sainsbury ‘s were interested in the site, but now there are plans to turn the pub into a Tesco Express store.

The word now is that Tesco’s have taken a 20-year lease on the ground floor and basement from Riding House Investments and are currently seeking planning permission for new fascia signs, plus a shop front and some external work in Latimer Road.

There was some apparent support from Councillor Matthew Palmer, but that doesn’t appear to be forthcoming anymore ! Obviously there is also a real threat to local shopkeepers and the loss of pubs in West London is a serious issue of course.
Unfortunately and ridiculously, planning permission is not required for the change of use from a pub to a retail store, but the RBKC already have a policy in place which is supposed to be designed to stop the loss of pubs in the Borough so the hope is that they will fully adhere to this.

I’m told that some disinformation has been circulating that business had been in decline whereas in truth the pub is an historic landmark which serves the local community and also QPR fans before and after home games.

The Independent R’s support the campaign to save the pub and over 2,000 people have signed a written petition which has been submitted to the Council. Emphasis has now reverted to this online petition, please sign via this link:

The plan on Saturday is to ceremoniously wrap some ‘CRIME SCENE DO NOT ENTER’ tape around the building and the message from West London to Tesco’s is: “BOG OFF – WE WANT OUR LOCAL BACK”

Please support the campaign.

Steve Russell

29 thoughts on “The North Pole Pub Will Be Ceremoniously Wrapped in ‘Crime Scene Do Not Enter’ Tape and There Will Be a Show of Local Dissatisfaction on Saturday to Plans for a Tesco Express Store

  1. Nice one Steve,
    Also if the new stadium goes ahead where we think it will, it will that the Pav is the only boozer!

  2. As a local resident I am delighted that a Tesco Express store is opening up at this location. The North Pole Pub has had practically no-one in it for many years – it has also attracted its fair share of trouble – with three stabbings at Carnival this year alone – and various gang fights over the years. Pub culture is in decline – and if local residents really wanted a pub at this location they would have visited it more often.

    At present there is nowhere nearby to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and salad items. I think the arrival of a Tesco Express could really help revitalise this shopping area – and boost as many local businesses as it potentially damages.

  3. Save the Pole my first ‘local’ as a teenager.
    Many happy nights and days imbibing in the produce…..come on you Ladbroke Grove R’s stop this travesty….

  4. News just in from the south end of the borough.

    CHELSEA residents have won the fight to save a popular pub thanks to a change in policy and a spirited community campaign supported by 4000 online signatures.

    The victory which saved The Cross Keys on Lawrence Street, could spell the end for historic community pubs being seized by developers cashing in on the rising property prices and influx of foreign investors by applying for a change of use for these well loved watering holes.

    Other pubs under threat from developers wanting to turn them into mansions are The Phene Arms on Phene Street, and the Queens Head on Tryon Street, both of which have change of use planning application refusal appeals coming up in October.

    The Cross Keys has been serving pints in Chelsea for 300 years and was once one of 14 pubs in the Cheyne Conservation Area out of which only four now remain and two of these are under threat.

    A spokesperson for the Chelsea Society said: “We need to capitalise on this success in order to protect the remaining pubs in the area specifically the two under immediate threat. This very important legal decision which was aided by a change in policy brought into the Core Strategy to protect Heritage Assets Conservation Areas and Historic Spaces, has indeed set a precedent and should send a message to greedy developers out there who have their eyes on developing other historic pubs into multi-million pound mansions.”

    Local resident and campaigner Paul Miller is concerned that the rising property prices in the area and the surge in developers selling property is turning ‘old Chelsea’ into a bankers’ ghetto.

    He said: “Everyone in the area is delighted that we have won this campaign to preserve a vital part of local heritage and a greatly valued community pub. Chelsea has always been a socially mixed place and preventing the Cross Keys from turning into yet another billionaire’s mansion will benefit the community. The same developers own the Phene Arms and also want to close that down, an equally famous part of the local fabric. So we are now rallying troops to save yet another iconic pub.”

    A public inquiry into an appeal lodged against the planning application to change the use of the Phene Arms into a residence is to be held at Kensington Town Hall from October 9 -12 and a public hearing into an appeal to change the use of the Queens head pub will be held on October 24.

  5. That offers some hope Chris…good turnout yesterday,plenty of support from passing motorists and thanks to the gent who was handing out his samosas.

  6. Interesting to see my less favourable post is still ‘awaiting moderation’ whilst ones supporting your campaign have been posted – now that doesn’t seem very democratic…will have to send my thoughts to the local councillor instead…

  7. Well done Nick, you can now buy your fresh fruit flown in from South America, your vegetables flown in from west Africa, and your fresh salad items from Southern Spain. Sadly, you will not be going into your local pub for a pint of ale made from British hops. Wecolme to Tescoply, soon to be all yours!Enjoy.

  8. Your comments seem to be still there Nick, do you think you were a little quick off the mark with your assumption ?

  9. Fantastic that we have so much support, and BIG thanks to Nick for adding his name to our petition. Very exciting that we have so much support from local councillors. And, Nick is right, there was a single stabbing (not several, but no worries) at Carnival, in the street (not in the pub, but no worries) and I also remember occasional fights about 20 years ago, before it was done up. I wonder how old Nick is, and where he has been these last 20 years,when the pub is full and happy most nights of the week, which is obvious really from the number of locals who turned out to support it. Way to go Nick!!

    • Dear Jo / Nick Clark

      I’m sorry – but there WERE three stabbings within the space of about 10 minutes this year – all three of which were youths who were drinking in the North Pole pub. This was confirmed by the police office who woke me up to do door to door enquiries about the incident at 00.45am whilst the entire street was cordoned off with Police Line Do Not Cross tape and again by the plain clothes officers that visited again the following day.

      I have lived in sight of the pub for the past seven years and EVERY Carnival weekend – without fail – there are fights – often gang related – the year before last this involved about 20 youths – all of whom had been drinking at the pub – kicking cars, pulling people out of taxis and throwing bricks and bottles at each other. Yes it’s only once a year – but that’s a weekend that I could well do without.

      When did you last go in the North Pole pub? I walk past it every day of my life – and most evenings you were lucky if there were ten people inside. The weekends were marginally busier – but only when the sport was blaring out on TVs- making it impossible to hold a conversation in there.

      I’m all for local pubs if they are busy and well frequented with a buzz and a atmosphere which makes you want to be there. The sad truth about this place is that it was cavernous and completely lacking in atmosphere – which is why it was so often near empty.

      Ask any taxi driver about the history of the pub and they will tell you how rough and violent it used to be as little as ten years ago – with a large drugs culture.
      It got closed and renovated – they put the prices up and this drove the bad customers away. What was left was a place that should have been popular but in reality wasn’t.

      If as many people as turned out for your video/ demonstration had frequented the pub on a regular basis then this wouldn’t have happened.

      These are facts – I am not in the habit of making things up – and if you want a successful and honest campaign then I suggest that you don’t either.

      • Nick, So your point is ban the Carnival, close all West London pubs or both ?
        Do you believe in democracy Nick ?

        • I’m saying that closing this particular pub will move anti-social behaviour away from my front door – and for that I am thankful. I will also appreciate not being kept awake by blaring live music once a week as late as 11 o’clock at night. I personally will also use Tesco far more than I ever used the pub (Which was about once a month)

          Of course I believe in democracy – but I also like to see a fair fight – rather than the rather rose-tinted view of the North Pole that is being depicted by the anti-Tesco protestors. It was NOT the centre of the community, nor very well frequented.

          I’m sorry to those that will miss it – but personally am glad it’s going…and believe a Tesco store will be used by far more of the community than ever used the pub. Time will tell…

          I am also aware of the potential effect on the local stores opposite – but I like to think that if they are clever with what they stock – deliberately going against what Tesco provide then there is room (and support) for all…

          Having a Tesco might actually draw new business to the area rather than destroy it. Other brands may follow suit and take over some of the empty units…?

          • This is for Nick
            You are a fucking idiot who doesn’t know know anything about The North Pole Pub.
            The Pub in the past years was well frequented by locals, and yes every thursday there was quality live music and was one of our best day of the week.
            I am sure you are one of those sad people who doesn’t do anything a part of stay in doors.
            If I knew you when I was running the Pub I would ban you from there.
            Do us a favor and keep yourself quiet.

  10. I live just round the corner from the North Pole and fully support the fight to save it.

    As Sainsburys and Westfield are only short walk/drives away, I don’t really see old Nick’s point. There is a grocers shop as well just up by Dalgarno Gardens if he cares to trot up there. And a butchers bang across the road from the North Pole.

    We need more pubs, not less. And the pubs need to be supported, not just by locals but by Goverment as well.

    The way things are going London will soon be just full of flats, Tesco’s and offices.

  11. Like most pubs in the notting hill area, it was really struggling for customers. Young people just dont drink in the area as everywhere shuts at 11pm.

    Having said that, a Tesco is the last thing the area needs. The parade of shops there is fantastic with a good off licence and a few local newsagents. The idea that there “nowhere nearby” to buy fruit and veg is a bit ridiculous…you are a ten minute walk to LAdbroke Grove Sainsburys, a 15 minute walk to Portobello Road and a 10 minute walk to another Tesco in the BBC building. The tesco will kill off the shop that houses the post office and in 5 years you will be complaining that there isnt a post office anymore!

  12. Anyone around in West London tomorrow at 10.45am, please come protest at the Pavilion pub, London W10, corner of Wood Lane and North Pole Road, where Tesco will be meeting local shopkeepers to try and persuade them that replacing the North Pole pub with one of their supermarkets is a good thing…

  13. I have to say that you do sound a bit of a curtain-twitcher Nick….the pub was there a lot longer than when you first arrived to take up refuge !!!

    So you would welcome further social cleansing in “your” area eh Nick ? You ought to get a job on the Council.

  14. It is so typical of double standards isn’t it? Someone moves into a flat knowingly, right by or above a pub (and probably gets it a bit cheaper because of that) and then moans about the fact that they live next door to a pub that keeps them awake till as late as 11pm. Your moaning about it being full and noisy and your telling us it was always empty. Your local post office rely’s on sales of other stuff to exist so when it closes I suppose you’ll be happy about that going too.

    • I didn’t say it was full and noisy – I said it was noisy…but the fact that you and Steve Russell have taken to personal attacks presumedly means you’ve run out of arguments…

      I’ll see you in Tesco – when you can’t resist using it in six months time…

  15. Historic building Nick…what about the local shops and the community then and why do so many disagree with you Nick ? btw did you get a response from your Councillor ?

      • Nick, why do you live in this god forsaken hell hole? Surely if your paranoid about your well being you should move away to somewhere much safer, such as never, never tescoland. Get real, 7 years is long enough, move on and let us real locals and friends of the North Pole, and the local area, fight for our right to maintain our local heritage and the community contained within it.

  16. So here’s my 10 cents.

    I was born, and lived for 20 years on Bracewell Road. Every day I’d see the North Pole and for the first fifteen or so years of my life it was a horrible violent sawdust pub (sawdust on the floor to soak up the blood.)

    It was redone into a gastro(ish) pub and for a while was great. I even worked there for a few months when I was 19.

    It’s a real shame it’s gone, and it’s even worse that it’s being made into a Tesco.

    It will kill the shops on North Pole Road. North Pole Food and Wine is run by a really nice bunch of people.

    For those of us who grew up there we remember when we had a real green grocer, and there’s still a butchers there. The grocers closed down (I imagine due to Sainsburys being 10 minutes up the road) and now I can see the whole parade dying off.

    This is horrible.

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