In Memory of Mrs QPR – Daphne Biggs

Daphne Biggs was born on 29th July 1925 and today marks the tenth anniversary of her death in 2002. She contributed so much to the Club and to generations of R’s fans in over 50 years dedicated service. She really must of had blue and white blood flowing through her veins. The article reproduced below first appeared in the ‘Bush Ranger’ Club Newspaper in the summer of 1988 and is a glowing testament to her love and dedication to Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club:

‘Dedicated Daphne Biggs has been involved with QPR since the early 1950’s, and her enthusiasm for the club has never waned. Daphne, who is secretary to the Supporters Club and helps out as commercial assistant, still gets excited when watching the team play.

“I always get really worked up, especially if it’s a big game. Being involved in the everyday running of a club makes you even more interested in how the players are performing,” says Harlesden-born Daphne. “I think we are due for great run in the cup and, hopefully, we can win something this time. The team is more than capable of doing that.”

Widower Daphne, whose husband, Albert, was a long-time Rangers fanatic and became vice-chairman of the Supporters Club, has seen numerous changes at the Bush over the years. “I’ve watched plenty of players and officials come and go during my time at Rangers,” she says. “The innovation of the plastic pitch was probably the biggest difference. It’s going to be quite exciting though, to have grass back.”

“When I was just a supporter of QPR I used to watch the games standing on what we called the ‘Mud Bank’, which was where the new South Africa Road Stand is today. That new stand was built just after we gained promotion to Division One for the first time in 1968 and changed the place greatly.” Daphne also helps out in the reception when required – just another of her many duties at the club.’

Daphne is a true QPR legend and her kindness, generosity and dedication will never be forgotten. God Bless you Daff.

Steve Russell

The above pic of the Supporters’ Club Committee comes from the 1950-51 Handbook.

(Back row – left to right are: A. Newman, F. Durrant, W. Reeves, E. Barsdell, C. Jackson, G. Larcombe, T. Tucker, A. Lodge, G. Dowling, J. Dawkins, F. Blackwell (Trustee). Front row: Miss P. Rowe, H. Elkins (Hon. Asst. Secretary), W. Clow (Hon. Gen. Secretary/Treasurer), F. Stone (Chairman), W. Gluning (Vice-Chairman), Mrs D. Biggs)

7 thoughts on “In Memory of Mrs QPR – Daphne Biggs

  1. Meet her twice and found she was a super lady! A real hoops supporter, shame there are not more of her type around now.

  2. Great piece Paul, The lady has to be included in the term “Legend” in the history of QPR.

    I met her a few times and she saved my bacon two or three times from over enthusiastic railway conductors and Police (WBA away, Oldham away spring to mind involving me.) I’d loved to have met Albert but alas didn’t.

    Thanks for reminding us. I shall have a quiet prayer for her before I go to bed shortly (nearly 10pm here as I type.

  3. I remember her from coach trips in the late 70s.

    When we were leaving Bradford City on a dark night bricks were being thrown at the coach, and there was this middle-aged lady in the middle of it all! In retrospect it’s rather surreal.

    One of those indominable women who had seen it all.

  4. This club will never be allowed to forget the people before us who kept our club going and Daphne was more than that.
    As i said many times i was just as green as my Norn Iron shirt when i came over here knew no one and was on my own a lot on coaches and dear old Daphne was always there to hook me up with someone and took me under her wing and then i found out just how special this club is and the fans.
    There was only one Daphne Biggs and we were blessed she was one of us.

    I was proud when i was asked to do the flowers to give her at the POTY, i seen her for a moment and said hello i did not know i was also saying goodbye.

    She was cuffed to bits when i was on the LSA committee it was the grand mother i never hand a great human being and a person who would never forget peoples names which amazed me.

    God look after her you have a special one up there as she always looked after us.

    R.I.P Mrs QPR And god bless you Daphne.

  5. funniest memory of daphne was in rekavik we was looking around the hotel DVD collection one night and she walked in just as one of the lads picked up some confessions film starring robin askwith she gave them a knowing look and laughed as she walked away

    like finney says she took us young uns under her wing on the trips always looked after us , made sure we was ok and even when we had done somthing wrong she never judged any of us

    classy lady and a grandmother we wish we had
    RIP Daphne

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