Would You Like a New Ground With Your Television Money ?

Yesterday the Premier League renewed its television rights deal, with BSkyB and BT, sharing the total of 154 live matches between them (in a 116-38 split). The total paid by the two broadcasters was a staggering £33bn, a rise of more than 70% on the previous arrangement, which was worth £1.773bn.

While Queen’s Park Rangers won’t expect to be featuring in too many of these games, the announcement confirms the sheer value, in purely financial terms, of remaining in the Premier League. With the club set to take its slice of this vast, vast cake, it’s probably fair to speculate on just what Tony Fernandes and co. will choose to do with their new-found (extra) fortune.

They could save it for a rainy day. No wait, that’s boring. It’s much better to splash out on a new player, perhaps Montpellier’s Olivier Giroud ? Pocketing the cash really would be wise, given how many clubs have lived the Premier League “dream” in outer space only to fall back to earth (the nPower Championship). That said, given how much was splashed out in order to keep the R’s in the Premier League, the sudden advent of financial stringency is unlikely.

So with a few sound acquisitions, relegation guaranteed not to be a possibility next year by manager Mark Hughes, and a couple of quid burning a hole in Fernandes’ back pocket, the obvious solution is a brand new stadium. Loftus Road is too small for the Premier League, there is no escaping this. Expansion is impossible, as the ground is hemmed in on all sides by houses and flats.

A ground share has been emphatically ruled out, and rightly so, on the grounds of it being against the wishes of the supporters. While accepting Fulham as temporary residents of Loftus Road some years ago was acceptable given the divisional gap, it simply wouldn’t work with both clubs playing in the top flight.

Chief Executive Phil Beard has emphasised the necessity for any new stadium to be “multi-use”, and able to raise revenue through a variety of means, including concerts and special events. While the spectre of QPR getting their “own Emirates” is very exciting indeed, leaving Loftus Road would be a decision that the club would need to make with the full agreement of the fanbase.

Supporters of the club have for too long had their views disregarded, and so, while for now it may be idle chatter, as long as Rangers don’t repeat the season enjoyed by Wolverhampton Wanderers, expect moves to be made towards a solution to the “stadium problem” during the coming season.

These are exciting times in which to be an R’s fan, exciting times indeed.

Chris King



13 thoughts on “Would You Like a New Ground With Your Television Money ?

  1. i’m probably going to be shot for this but i don’t think a groundshare is the end of the world. Depending on where it is it makes a lot of business sense. i would rather share a stadium and have a stable club with players capable of pushing for the odd bit of silverware than have a flash ground but no cash for investment on the playing side.

  2. Thanks for your view Chaz, out of interest, which of our neighbours would it be agreeable to share with ?

  3. I assume you didn’t mean 33 Billion. I think if we re-organised the seating a little closer we could get a few more thousand in, maybe making concessions for skinny people

  4. Think a ground share makes sound financial sense, it halves the running cost, is used every week and means we would have a bigger and better stadium.
    My only request would be that we would have our own end and whoever we share with has the other end.

  5. The Loft has a unique atmosphere; it’s to do with being so close to the pitch.
    Delighted to have a new stadium, but if we don’t replicate this unique feature then we’re throwing away one of our greatest assets. That would be stupid; and we’re not that, are we?

  6. Afraid I’m old school.
    Don’t want to move whether it be a ground share or new stadia. Other than the Etihad, have yet to see anything that fits the bill.

    That said, appreciate it’s almost inevitable.
    Would be interested to know just how much of this vast cake we are due to receive?

  7. I know our ground is not up to the premier i know we will move but i love our ground i grew up on them steps and then seats so many good times and tears shed for our club.
    I hate the new grounds all the same plastic and very little difference in them all and they all look the same on the whole no thought at all put into them.

    We need a new Loftus Road people keep telling me and maybe that will be the key it will need thought and the club working with the fans that is why we are so special as a club and we need to make sure we take our hopes,dreams and tears from Loftus Road and place them in the new ground when and if it happens.

  8. While Queen’s Park Rangers won’t expect to be featuring in too many of these games
    Wouldn’t be too sure about that, we were featured fairly heavily last season. I’ve been told that the live TV people love coming down to us because QPR are very accomodating.
    As for a new ground, I think it’s only a matter of time that we’ll move out of Loftus Road. We all love the place but I think we have outgrown the old girl. The seating space, unless you’re near the front, is absolutely atrocious. The capacity is the smallest in the league. The corners of the ground offer a ‘restricted view’ which is actually worse than that when full.
    The capacity could’ve been increased all those years ago when we were offered the space where the Jack Tizard school is located but through lack of funds or lack of vision the offer was not taken up. Shame

  9. I’m a traditionist too, hate change, but my first visit to the Majeski changed my view. The sheer luxury of being able to stretch your legs and the facilities were first-rate. My only reservation would be a move away from W12, that would be a mistake imo

  10. The Madejski is a horrible ground. Miles from anywhere, quiet and dull.

    Want to stay at Loftus Road and buy up the houses behind Ellerslie to extend the stand ideally.

  11. I’m with Foggy
    Would not be against sharing with say Fulham (draw the line at Chelsea!!!)in a ground with both clubs having there own home end.
    Someone posted a photo on one of the messageboards a few months ago of a ground over seas (sorry,can’t remember which club) which was a bigger version of Loftus Rd.
    Held about 35,000, boxes down aleast 2 sides and very close to the pitch.Ideal!

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