It’s a Game of Two Halves by Fred Hartman

Fred Hartman has been an R’s fan for some 30 years now and has just completed his first book: ‘It’s a Game of Two Halves’. I first met Fred almost exactly a year ago at Paul Farley’s funeral. A month later he wrote his own personal tribute to Paul for our Home Page: ‘In Memory of my Friend Paul Farley’. His book was inspired by our promotion back to the Premier League and Paul’s untimely passing.

He tells me that the first half of the book is an autobiographical account of his formative years and the relationship with his parents and Paul. It’s largely a humorous tale while the second part is a blow-by-blow account of our Championship winning season.

It’s reviewed on the Beaten Track website as being: ‘an extraordinary story of one man and his love of his team: Queen’s Park Rangers. But it is also much more than this’, adding that it’s, ‘brilliantly funny in places, tear-jerkingly sad in others, this is a book for anyone who loves a good yarn – football related or otherwise’.

The book isn’t due for general release until the start of next season, but it’s available as a pre-sale at: at a discounted price of ¬£6.99.

Game of two halves

Fred grew up in Neasden, North West London, but he found himself exiled to Norwich before he was fourteen. “My father always said I would one day write a book and although he passed away in 2002, I knew I had it in me to write it as he had given me that self-belief.” A percentage of each sale will be donated to QPR in the Community Trust’s Tiger Cubs.

Fred has a website and blog: and can be found on facebook: and he also has a Twitter account:

Good luck with the book Fred and I look forward to reading it.

Steve Russell



One thought on “It’s a Game of Two Halves by Fred Hartman

  1. Before I start I must point out that I do know Fred and his family.

    I do normally purchase books by QPR fans just because I like to read others views on being a long suffering fan.

    Fred very kindly sent me a pre-release copy of his book, I think there are two reasons for this, 1’m a mate and 2 he knows I can read.

    I left the book in the car for a couple of days , Then when Fred rang me and I pointed out to him that I was still reading the 88 page document regarding the new training ground at warren farm.

    He politely pointed out that if I could read a planning document, his book should be a piece of cake.

    With my job I end up sitting in a field or car park for many hours , so the next day armed with , food ,drink and the said book.

    From page one I was hooked. A very personal open and honest first half of the book ,was read in double quick time, with all emotions brought out in to the open.

    That evening I rang Fred and told him I had read the first half and we spent ages on the phone.

    I am lucky that I am a season ticket holder and do manage to get to many away games (although I have also applied once again for an away season ticket for the forthcoming season).

    So to read a fans view ,that for logistical reasons/cost just gets to as many matches as possible.

    Although I am Fred’s mate I do urge you to purchase the book, I don’t think you will be disappointed , and also some of the proceeds going to the tiger cubs.

    I like the book and will be purchasing 3 copy’s to give as gifts to friends that are not football fans but avid readers.

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