R’s Fan Ben Donnelly Will Be Appearing at the Ginglik Club with His Band ‘Platonic Curry’ On Saturday 21st April

Ben Donnelly is an R’s fan and his band, ‘Platonic Curry’, will be appearing at the Ginglik Club in Shepherd’s Bush on Saturday, 21st April. The band perform regularly at a number of London venues and are in the final recording stage of producing their first album. Ben has emailed the following details about the gig and the band:

‘My band, ‘Platonic Curry’ are playing at Ginglik, which is an underground venue beneath Shepherd’s Bush Green, on Saturday 21st April as part of a live jazz/funk/soul line-up before the main DJ event. The music starts from 7.30pm and I think that we’re on not too long after that, so I’m hoping fans will get there straight after the Spurs game (from which I’m going to have to leave early, something I’ve NEVER done before – in order to get there for sound checks).

We play original, accessible jazz-funk, with the aim being to give people something interesting, entertaining and different from the usual, but at the same time easy to get into and understand. Too many bands and artists either end up being so smooth and bland that it becomes boring, or so pretentious and avant-garde no one can really enjoy it, and my writing’s all about trying to show it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Our line-up consists of a singer, myself on saxes and a four – piece rhythm section. We’ve also been recording an album, which there’s a fair chance we may have ready to sell then and there (though time is tight).

The band website is at: www.platoniccurry.com

Details of the gig are there. There’s also a Facebook event for those that prefer to use that’


Ben wrote a lot of original music for a 20-piece big band in January 2011. He then decided to form his own band and got together a 6-piece outfit which included a vocalist, Ben on saxes and a four-piece rhythm section.

All the best with the album Ben and good luck for the future.

Steve Russell