An Easter Resurrection !!!

A few weeks ago, I put down in writing my feelings of disappointment at the way our season was turning out. Joey Barton did not seem to agree with my views and responded on Twitter to that effect. But far more importantly, to me at least, he responded on the field of play. And, along with his “resurrection” (to coin a phrase somewhat appropriate to Easter !), comes that of our beloved QPR.

QPR have, for a number of years, suffered one disaster after another and our promotion last year as Championship Champions hailed the start of a new era, or so we believed: the possibility of putting behind us stories of guns in the Boardroom or putting coins in buckets to help the Club buy a much-needed player to name but two events that are part of our recent past. But, as I pointed out in my previous article, and as all QPR fans will, I am sure, agree; promotion did not seem to lead away from the past, but looked like putting us right back into it !

Since the Bolton game, the team and the fans seem to have come to a better understanding. I know there was a great deal of booing at the Liverpool match – something I do not condone at all as I think that it is detrimental and against the actual definition of the term “supporter” ! However, at last, I sense a spirit, a togetherness between us all; we are all working for the same thing – to keep our beloved Club in the Premier League. We, as fans, have the luxury of sitting back and watching as we urge the players to victory with our vocal support (not our disapproval !). We have always been behind the team 100% both home and away and will continue to be behind the team whatever the rest of the season brings. The players have the hardest job – winning the matches that will keep us safe from relegation ! But I see the team all now playing with pride, with fight, with heart – all things which I highlighted as not being in evidence, in my opinion, after the Bolton game.

Now, there isn’t a single player in the team, whether he starts the game or comes on as a sub, who cannot claim the precious title of “man of the match”. Our team is one whole unit – working hard for each other with great success. I know we did not succeed at Sunderland and as for the Manchester United game – well, the less said about that the better – but only in terms of the officials’ performances; certainly not ours ! It has been our performances – since turning the match on its head against Liverpool – that have been a revelation. We seem to be peaking at just the right time and I hope that we can keep on fighting, tooth and nail, for every single available point. And if we do so, and still the unthinkable happens, we can all know that, at least and at last, we have given it our very best shot !

As a fan of many years, one of my biggest disappointments was seeing us lose our “Youth Academy” status. When Flavio Briatore bought the club, one of his (empty) promises was to redress this and restore our academy – I say “empty” because nothing was ever done about it (why am I not surprised ?!) However, our current Board said they would – and they have ! This has just recently been confirmed and the hard-working Steve Gallen expressed his delight and joy that our young boys will now be playing the likes of Arsenal, Spurs and other top academy teams. QPR used to have one of the best youth policies of all the top Clubs: once more, we are going to be able to build up our youth system and we will (hopefully) no longer have to lose those youth players, like Raheem Sterling, to the so-called bigger Clubs.

Our new Board is showing, by their actions, that they believe in the future of the Club. This, together with the turn-around in performances from the team which have given us renewed hope and belief that we can still be a Premier League Club next season; bodes well – at last – for QPR’s future. So maybe, at last, this season will bring the promises of the rosy future we all hoped it would.

And, for that, I would like to say thank you to Joey Barton ! He faced us bravely and, I believe, has seen (and heard !) how much we respect him for that. His performances against Arsenal and Swansea were superb – especially his accurate passing – and this has been capped by a terrific, vital goal to open the scoring against the Swans (and what a shame his effort late in the 2nd half didn’t go in – that would have made it difficult to choose between him and Buzsaky for goal of the game !) Thank you, Joey and all the players, and keep up the great work !

Sandy Lerman aka @sandyhoops (also known, on VitalQPR, as sandydl)

9 thoughts on “An Easter Resurrection !!!

  1. Top article sums up my feelings perfectly if only this QPR side had turned up to certain other games I have every reason to believe a top half finish would have been a certainty

  2. Sandy – once again you have put all our thoughts into perfect words. Well done! Hope you read the really interesting article from mark Bowen in the Evening Standard this week. It gives me real beleif that Sparky and he are both genuine when they say they are here for the long haul. All we want as fans is to see those things that have made QPR great over the years back in earnest. Like you, I really believe that is happening, and I think the key has been to make the players understand what is unique about our often insane little club. I think good times are right around the corner. U Rs!!!

  3. Thanks, Paul. And yes, I did read Mark Bowen’s comments in the Standard. They were revealing and honest! And yes, I do think it suggests they are genuine about being part of the Club for the long-term. Let us hope we do keep ourselves up and that they can go on to show us just what they really can do for us! And the players do seem to be responding to their messages now – I read Hughes’ comments to that effect on the official site today! What gives me hope is that, if we were to go down (heaven forbid!!), they’ll all be there to help get us straight back up again – Board, players & management!

  4. Thanks for the thoughts. I also sensed a real structure and method of late and a pattern of discipline. Also impressed by Adel and his application. Diakate is amazing and like a Ghost the way he has floated past opposition players and a real find. A real Team that has recaptured some of the essence of last season where we were not best team but managed to bang out the results to end up top. So Hill,Derry,Mackie,Kenny,Buz and Adel have brought that spirit again. Yes very true no real man of the match as they have all been so good. that is a good sign.

  5. The best thing that has happened recently is JB getting dropped and kept on the bench at Sunderland. I think that had a huge impact on his psyche as he has now more or less retracted some of the things he had said about us supporters and now admits he deserved the criticism and being dropped. I think sitting on the bench caused the penny finally to drop and he now realises that EVERY player can be dropped , captain or not.The performances since he came back into the side have been at a level he was at some two seasons ago. Maybe now he can truly become the renaiisance man and repeat the recent performances in the remaining 5 games. If we do go down , its best we go down as a team from the starting XI to the subs to the management to us fans who can be the 12th man.We win together, we lose together. Should we stay up , I believe we’ll have a better season next year as we will be a true Sparky side.

  6. Great article Sandy and I agree with all of the sentiments. At long last we do look like a team now, for far too long this season the side looked like a group of misfits that had met on the coach on the way to the ground. At last (and maybe just about in time) it’s coming together. I agree with Chris – stay up and we should do very well next season. By and large this is a squad that can do well in the Premiership – equally most of them are not suited to Championship football. For this, and so many other reasons, let’s hope we do indeed stay up.

  7. I agree entirely, Chris. We do this altogether and fight to the last minute together. We stay up,it’ll be very very interesting next year.. But then again, we go down, it’ll be very very interesting next year!

  8. From the Arsenal game onwards we have becomes more organised more diciplined less suicidal and less prone to shoot ourselves in the foot. Also a better team spirit.

    Is it too late?..I think at the time of writing the odds are still against us but we have a chance which is more than we were saying 5-6 weeks ago.

  9. Great review Sandy. I was so gutted with Barton as I knew he was better than what he was being served up. The Liverpool game seemed to have been a turning point for him and the team as a whole. Just hope today at WBA we can get 3 points and finish the job next saturday against spuds. I feel 36 points will be enough and our goal difference should be worth a point. Be nice to play the scum with no pressure. Imagine we did the double over them !

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