The 1906 Ogden’s QPR Cigarette Card

This card was No.14 in a set of 50 depicting ‘Football Club Colours’. Issued by Ogden’s in 1906, the reverse side of the card reads: ‘Formed in 1885 as the amateur St Jude’s Institute, they became the Queen’s Park Rangers in 1889, and adopted professionalism in 1898, joining the Southern League in 1899-1900. Formerly the club played at the Kensal Rise Athletic Ground, but now are located at Park Royal. Won the Western League championship in 1905-06.’


Other clubs featured in the series included: New Brompton, West Ham United, Notts County, Woolwich Arsenal and also various Rugby clubs such as Richmond, Penarth and RFC Devonport. These cards were inserted into packets of cigarettes.

Steve Russell

6 thoughts on “The 1906 Ogden’s QPR Cigarette Card

  1. I have this set all framed up and on display in my living room and rather lovely they look too. However despite the back of the card there are in fact 51 cards in the set.
    Number 51 is ‘South African Captain’. I was told by a cigarette card dealer that this was included and produced slightly after the main set, it’s also a rarer card.
    If memory serves me correctly I believe the featured QPR player is W.Yenson.

  2. Thanks for the info re New Brompton Moreno.

    I have got a couple of set collections myself of 1930’s Footballers. The cigarette cards are all in mint condition.

    However I would like an Album to put one of the sets in(50 cards)..the type where you “slot in” rather than stick or Glue

    Any Ideas where I might get hold of such an Album?

  3. Seen sleeves in W H Smiths recently, look for acid free type. Probably freely available online.

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