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In some ways the news of Neil Warnock’s departure wasn’t a total surprise, opinions had been very mixed recently and last week Tony Fernandes had also reportedly stated that: ‘nobody’s job was safe’. However, the expectation was that Neil Warnock would still have significant funding at his disposal to strengthen the squad.

Neil Warnock will always be remembered for firstly securing our survival in the Championship and then achieving promotion to the Premier League. Furthermore, apart from this initial success he also became a very popular character with R’s fans.

With the arrival of Tony Fernandes and the return of Amit Bhatia, some improvement to the squad was made just before the last transfer deadline and the perception was that the trio worked closely together as a team.

We welcome the fact that his departure appears to have been as amicable as possible in the circumstances and we wish Neil all the very best for the future and also thank him for all that he achieved in his 22 months at the Club.

Steve Russell for the Independent R’s

3 thoughts on “Independent R’s Statement

  1. I have supported the R’s since Alec Stock was manager so I have seen the up’s and down’s over the years!We were in a bad way when Neil warnock arrived but not only did he save us from relegation but took us back to where we belong!However this season it has been plain to see that something was wrong with our tactics!Sitting back and trying to contain the oppsition is not the best thing to do against some of the worlds best teams! After inevitably going a goal down we would eventually go on the offensive and showed a great deal of class. Unfortunately only to find that premiership defences were to good for us. I would like to thank Neil for all he did for us, as I am sure all our supporters do! However we must look to the future and I am sure we will all get behind the new manager who will hopefully have the experience to keep us up and to go from strength to strength next season.

  2. Yes Steve at least it is an amicable parting. We owe him a big thanks for getting us back to where we belong.
    However, given all the news doing the rounds in respect of training matters and lack of tactics ( One up at home!?)the parting was inevitable.
    To throw money at further signings when you don’t address the underlying problems would have been a recipe for disaster.

  3. Sad but true Colin. Maybe it was better for him to depart with the backing still of the majority of the Rs faithful. I fear that if things had continued on as they have been for the past 2 months for just another few weeks then things would have turned ugly. Thanks a million Neil Warnock. It’s been a fun filled and enjoyable 22 months and you will get a great reception if/when you return to the Bush.

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