Queen’s Park Rangers: The Old Days (1939 – 1970) by John ‘gramps‚’ Clifford

John Clifford, or “gramps” to the QPR Report message board, produced his book of memories of “The Old Days” largely at his own expense. He takes the reader from 1939, through the War years and then right up to 1970 where he chose to draw a line. Work commitments and family life meant that he was unable to get to as many games as before.

Rangers legend Mark Lazarus has written the Foreword and former Club Secretary Ron Phillips also contributes with an article and the Introduction. Not only is the book a fascinating read, but all the proceeds will go to the ‘QPR in the Community Trust’. John will be presenting a cheque for over ¬£1,300 to Andy Evans on Tuesday.

I think there are a number of other R’s fans who can identify themselves with John’s final word in the Epilogue: “Yes, it’s a different football world now – and, much as I enjoy the game and will continue to do so, I think there is more than just a little bit of me which perhaps rather preferred “The Old Days”.

UK orders Р£5.00 plus £2.70 postage and packing.

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Steve Russell

5 thoughts on “Queen’s Park Rangers: The Old Days (1939 – 1970) by John ‘gramps‚’ Clifford

  1. “I think there are a number of other R‚Äôs fans who can identify themselves”

    Name names Steve you ageist blaggard!Kerrins is old…but not that old!
    Sounds a great book of the “Innocent Age” of following football when players enjoyed playing for next to nothing on ploughed fields. Boy, was it fun to watch, and we even visited the likes of The Old Den without full body armour.

  2. Looks like a good read.

    In this particular cover picture of an incident that happened during the R’s v Plymouth match (Div 2) Dec 1967(we won 4-1) I do not feature because I was standing at the School end which is not quite in shot.

    So dont accuse me of throwing that streamer! lol

  3. great cover picture I also used on the cover of my fanzine back in the 90s beat about the bush……we used to nick those streamers off the 220 bus that run down Scrubs Lane to throw on the pitch, bus ticket rolls. will definately buy the book looks great and I LOVE THE OLD DAYS. JW

  4. Looks like it was one of the old London Transport ticket rolls young Kerrins. I think you preferred the wider bog rolls!
    I assume I was standing with you that evening. Good to see the old ground with the second lot of floodlights and a proper pitch !

  5. The same Rodney Marsh picture was of course also used by a certain Peter Doherty in his Rs fanzine “All Quiet on the Western Avenue” and later surfaced again in the cd booklet for the Libertines debut album “Up the Bracket”

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