The Indy R’s Are Pleased to Welcome Tony Fernandes & the Return of Amit Bhatia

Yesterday was an historic day in the life and times of Queen’s Park Rangers. I’ve already heard so many positives in a relatively short space of time after listening to each of them talking up the club. I just hope and pray that this new partnership really is the beginning of a new dawn which will also involve a new transparent relationship with R’s fans which has been long overdue..

Tony Fernandes has spoken philosophically about his strategy for the club and some of the reasons why he became involved. One quote of his caught my eye: “The key thing is to survive this year, the other key thing is to start building an infrastructure and building something the fans can be proud of , anyone who comes in here and predicts where they’re going to be is killing themselves.”

“Football is a tough game, it’s a tough league, but if you put the building blocks in place, and you’re patient enough, the results will come. The key is philosophy, and philosophy can’t be built overnight, a philosophy takes years, and the culture of what you want to do. Let’s see whether we can get there.”

A more down to earth comment was reported in Italy recently when he remarked to Wes from Devon and a group of R’s fans about, “growing up in the chippy in the Uxbridge Road.”

Egos, arrogance and greed have prevailed for far too long at our club.

Let’s all move forward together.

Steve Russell on behalf of the Independent R’s

2 thoughts on “The Indy R’s Are Pleased to Welcome Tony Fernandes & the Return of Amit Bhatia

  1. I heard Tony Fernandes interviewed on Radio 5 yesterday. How refreshing to have someone in charge who is not totally in love with himself and who has some respect for other people:

    “The fans pay good money and are stakeholders, so whatever we do, I want the fans to be proud. We’ll do it in style and with integrity.”

    It’s a joy to have Amit Bhatia back as well: “Tony and I will work alongside
    each other to try and make this season as exciting and successful as possible. I
    love this club and this is a very happy day for me.”

    Bye bye Bernard, Flab and GP – you will not be missed.


  2. He sounds like a human being with a head and a heart. I managed to catch the Everton highlights on a plane from New York to Chicago on Sunday afternoon which was superb to see and has made my holiday.Now to read all this takeover stuff is the icing on the cake. Onwards and upwards but lets leave the League Cup alone for another year shall we ? !

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