Message For the Norwegian R’s

Just to tell you that we’re thinking of you all and share in your grief at such a tragic time for your country.

From all your friends at the Indy R’s

8 thoughts on “Message For the Norwegian R’s

  1. Awful news. Having spent many happy times in Oslo in the past 10 years on business, seeing gigs and watching football I am shocked and really feel for the Norwegians. It is just not the sort of thing that you expect to happen in a peace loving country like Norway. Sadly it just shows that lunatics exist all around the world and, if they want to get their hands on guns and explosives, they can do all too easily. Very very sad.

  2. All our thoughts are with you. The Norwegian Rs are wonderful, fun people and a big part of the club. The tragedy in Oslo is appalling and QPR fans in Britain are sending their best wishes to everyone affected by the bombing and shootings.

  3. A warm thanks from Norway.

    One day after tragedy struck, I still find it hard to comprehend what has actually happened. It is all very surreal, and I can’t stop thinking about the families involved in this terrible incident.

    The message from Independent Rs is truly appreciated by the Norwegian Rs.

    Kind regards

    Allan Klo
    Web editor,

  4. Allan no words can help in such times being from Belfast i seen some awful things that man does to each other.
    My thoughts go out to you at this time.
    God bless those poor souls no longer with us RIP to them all.

  5. Allan my deepest sympathies to all suffering in Norway, the thoughts of the QPR family are with you all at this sad time.

  6. we send our deepest sympathies to all the norwegian people cant put into words how we all feel

  7. terrible and almost an unreal incident.
    i wonder if the “suspect” is demanding his rights…i was horrified when i heard the news.
    we have some great norwegian r’s and it’s always a pleasure to meet them.
    my thoughts are with the dead,injured ,bereaved and those trying to make sense of it all. RIP.

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