An Everyday Tale That Goes Beyond Rivalry & Banter

Man about Wokingham, George Evans, told me about an interesting encounter a mate of his had with a Chelsea fan in deepest Essex some years ago. R’s fan Geoff Wallace lives in Colchester and one day he pulled up outside a village shop in Yeldham looking for a place to park his van. He then noticed that directly outside the shop was a car with a number plate that read, “CFC 123” !!! This was like a red rag to a bull so Geoff managed to park up very tightly and block him in.

Geoff then jumped out with some masking tape in hand and quick as a flash covered up the ‘2’and wrote ‘QPR’ on another piece and applied that as well so the number plate then read “CFC 1 3 QPR” !!! Geoff then popped into the shop and jumped back in his van a bit sharpish to await the return of the other driver. Eventually he returned to the scene cussing and cursing Geoff, who just leaned out of his van waving an R’s programme at him and drove off with a big smile on his face !

The following week Geoff returned to the village and pulled up outside the same shop and lo and behold the same car was parked there again. Geoff carefully squeezed his van behind him and blocked him in again. When the Chelsea fan returned to his car an almighty row broke out and Geoff gave him a bit of a mouthful before jumping back in his van and just before he drove off he pointed to the fella’s number plate which still proudly displayed, “CFC 1 3 QPR”. Un-noticed by the occupant for a week,but possibly witnessed by thousands, it was just an everyday tale that goes beyond rivalry and banter that could of happened almost anywhere.

Steve Russell

7 thoughts on “An Everyday Tale That Goes Beyond Rivalry & Banter

  1. I like Geoffs thinking. Reminds me of a wind up I pulled off at work. As some of you may know I work for London Underground not far from Fulham Broadway. Back in May 2004 they were at home to Monaco in the semi final 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League.They lost 3-1 in the first leg but got the 2-0 lead required to go through to the final by the 44th minute. Monaco got a goal back in 1st half injury time then equalised on the night in the 60th minute to qulaify for the final. As a train packed with the great unwashed pulled into my station I announced over the PA ” the train on Platform 2 is for all stations to Wimbledon , I repeat , this is a Wimbledon train.It does not go to Monaco or Gelsenkirchen ” (where the final was to be played). I nearly had a riot on my hands believe me !!! One saddo even complained to my manager by email and he asked me who did so I owned up. He told me not to be so stupid in future but chuckled at the same time !!!

  2. So Chris you weren’t responsible for that sign in September last year near White City tube station which read ‘QPR v Millwall, Please use White City or Shepherds Bush tube stations. For Chelsea v Marseille…Who Cares?’ !!!

  3. Moreno , that sign wasn’t near White City station believe me.A friend of mine did it and emailed it to me. Before you kinow it it was all over the web and also ended up in the programme !! The best part is the person who did it is a manager !!!

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