A Charity Appeal to QPR Fans Far & Wide

Not another one I hear you say ? Following the excellent fundraising in aid of Grace Murphy, the Tiger Cubs and Lorna’s recent breast cancer appeal, I’m making my appeal to you.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, on Sunday 26th June 2011, I will be taking part in the London Bikeathon with about ten work colleagues from London Underground. The Bikeathon is to raise money for charity and all proceeds from the Bikeathon will go to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Charity. Some of you may have been affected by this awful disease either personally or have had friends or family struck down with it. I think that you will agree that it’s a very worthy cause.

I personally chose to do the ride as I was inspired by reading an article a couple of years ago about former Crystal Palace/Wolves & England midfielder Geoff Thomas who was struck down with the disease in 2003. Geoff decided to fight back and while he was doing that he also went and completed the Tour de France cycle route which is an incredible feat for a fit person let alone a seriously ill one. Geoff managed the 2,200 mile course in 21 days and helped to raise £150,000 for Leukaemia Research in the process. And since then he has managed to raise over £1 million for the Geoff Thomas Foundation.

We are not planning anything like 2,200 miles thankfully, but are aiming for a mere 52 miles. As you may have read, I have been training for nearly 3 months and have done over 1,200 miles in training for the event. I’ve scaled down the training recently as I was off the bike for 2 weeks with severe cuts to both feet that went sceptic (a long story) and now I’m just doing 20 miles a day on average to just keep the stamina going.

In 2010, the Bikeathon managed to raise ¬£650,000 and this year they are hoping to reach the ¬£1 million mark. This is where you come in. Each individual cyclist has been set a target of raising ¬£100 per person. If this is achieved then the ¬£1 million target could be reached. I appreciate that these are hard times, but if anyone could spare any amount, however large or small, for what I believe is a very worthwhile cause, I would be ever so grateful. The easiest way to donate is by clicking on the ‘just giving’ link shown below and by doing it online the money goes directly to the charity. I will get round to thanking every individual who donates personally and all I can say for now is thank you for listening (or reading).




Thank you again,

Chris Hewitt

2 thoughts on “A Charity Appeal to QPR Fans Far & Wide

  1. Well done, mate, and I’ll give you a few quid. But I’m trying to avoid JustGiving because of the extortionate fees I’ve discovered they deduct from the donation – a massive 7 percent if you pay by cred card. Next time use Virgin Money Giving (2%, and they also sponsor the London Marathon) or Bmycharity (free). Better still, post your contact address and I’ll send you a cheque

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