We Are QPR – A Visual Record of Flag Day in the Bush

The threat of a points deduction by the FA was still a real possibility as Rangers fans flocked to the Bush in the morning, but this didn’t deter the celebrations or the abundance of flags. This for me was one of the many features of what later proved to be an even more memorable and dramatic day. The club also got involved, so well done to them for organising the distribution of thousands of flags around the ground. Martin Percival managed to photo graph a number of them inside and outside Loftus Road and a sample of these are shown below. Well done to Martin for capturing so many wonderful images for posterity:

Steve Russell

(The above pics were taken by Martin Percival and used with his permission)

5 thoughts on “We Are QPR – A Visual Record of Flag Day in the Bush

  1. I also saw a nice Manc Rs flag unfurled in Loftus Road, fans posing for photos in front of it

  2. Great to see so many home made flags as well as the ones given out by the club on Saturday. What a day – still haven’t come down from it!

  3. There is a couple of England QPR flags attached to Crusaders FC in NI, donated by me will try and get the pics to you.

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