Never Felt More Like Whistling The Blues.

‘Singing the Blues’ was written by Melvin Endsley in 1956. Guy Mitchell had a big hit single with it and Tommy Steele’s version also topped the charts in January 1957. Numerous other artists have also covered the song. Then Rangers’ fans adapted it many years ago and it’s been heard quite a few times this season, home and away: ‘I’ve Never Felt More Like Singing the Blues, When the Rangers Win and Chelsea Lose….’ The following article appeared in the Willesden Chronicle on 5th April 1957:

‘Butcher’s boy David Hughes and Willesden Juvenile Court Chairman Mrs K.A. McFarlane have widely differing musical tastes. This was borne out on Wednesday, when David who lives in Paddington, was sweeping the back yard of the Craven Park Road butcher’s shop, where he works. For David had not noticed that the windows of the nearby juvenile court were wide open – and that his loud whistling of ‘Singing The Blues’ carried through them and into the courtroom.

Mrs McFarlane stopped the case which was being heard and looked up at the windows. “I think we could do with a little less rock ‘n’roll”she observed. A police officer hurried out and a few moments later David saw his head appear over the wall. The sound of whistling stopped abruptly, commented David afterwards: “If they don’t like my whistling, that’s the last time I do it. But I’ll still like rock ‘n’ roll.”

Steve Russell

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