Burnley v QPR

Team: Kenny, Orr, Hill, Gorkss, Connolly, Derry, Taarabt (Hall), Faurlin (Clarke), Vaagan Moen, Smith, Hulse (Helguson).
Subs Not Used: Cerny, Borrowdale, Cook, German.
Attendance: 14,819

After my trip to Blackburn last week, I thought I would take the train for my journey to Burnley, how I would regret that later ! Arrived in Burnley to rain coming down at an angle and walked the 15 minutes to the ground, well to the cricket club next door to catch up with some friends. We walked into the ground, which is really like stepping back in time, with the wooden seats, it reminded me of an old warehouse in the away end and we all took our seats. A few minutes later, we left our seats and headed up to the top of the stand as there were areas where it was leaking quite badly and there’s nothing worse than getting dripped on constantly while trying to concentrate on the game ahead.

Adel Taarabt, Matt Connolly and Tommy Smith took the places of Leon Clarke, Gary Borrowdale and Jamie Mackie. Kicked off, and we really did look the brighter side and dominated for the first half hour. Paddy Kenny only saw the ball about once, which was good as we were dictating the play and making some good runs into the box. After numerous corners, I had the feeling that a goal was coming our way.

Bradley Orr had a shot on goal which the keeper didn’t deal with very well and I think he was happy that one of his own players cleared it for him. Burnley then finally got into the game and after Chris Eagles had dived (hmmm enough said about him) their free kick was put over and Paddy Kenny made a great save before half-time and the first half finished 0-0. On getting our half-time refreshments, one of the guys noticed that Emmanuel Ledesma was in the queue for a hot drink. On walking past me, he smiled and winked. I’m now totally smitten and one of the lads said that he put four sugars in his drink, well he’ll rot those lovely teeth of his if he keeps doing that !!!

Into the second half, and again QPR came out the brighter side, poor Adel was having lumps kicked out of him and the ref was ignoring it all. To give him his due, he didn’t argue or fight back and was getting stuck in wherever he could. He was then fouled by Tyrone Mears and the referee awarded a free kick outside the area, but from where I was sitting it was a definite penalty as he was inside the area. Oh well, we don’t win them all and sometimes we don’t win any ! Adel took the free kick but it glided over the bar.

Tommy Smith had a great shot on goal, but that was cleared off the line by a defender a couple of times and Kaspars Gorkss managed to put the ball over the goal from just a couple of yards out. Alejandro Faurlin was injured and hobbled off and I’m hoping that it’s nothing too serious as we will miss him and our squad is depleting as the season progresses. Paddy Kenny made one final great save before the final whistle. So the match finished 0-0, we played well and I honestly think that we could of nicked it, but the goals were just not going in. Uncle Neil, when are the loans coming ?

Full time, and we headed back out into the wind and rain and I made my lonely walk up to the train station. After half an hour of our train not being there when it should of, we shouted at the ticket collector on the train opposite who advised us that a coal train had broken down on the track and no trains were coming down our side again tonight, but a bus would be coming to get us. Hmmm an hour later and no bus, numerous calls to Northern Rail etc and we were eventually told that we could wait for the bus or go to the Holiday Inn ???

Luckily two Sheffield R’s fans told me to go with them to Preston on the train and we’d then go on to Manchester where Customer Services would have to make sure we’d get home. So trip to Preston, change, trip to Manchester, Steve explained our plight to Customer Services and I was put on a train to Leeds (thanks to Steve and Ellis for looking after me, my heroes definitely). At Leeds Customer Services, they found me a train to finish my journey. I finally walked into my house at midnight instead of 20.45pm as I should have, a very tired Superhoop, but I’ll no doubt do it all again next time !

Lorna Graham

3 thoughts on “Burnley v QPR

  1. Thanks for the report once again Laura. Seems we were in control for long periods, but it wasn’t to be. That said we got a result, so certainly not a wasted journey.
    Sorry to hear re your plight on the trains, you can always blame Finney though…

  2. Great report and thanks for doing that for the site.
    Sounds like two points that got away.
    As for the trains what a joke and the prices they charge well done to the R’s fans that helped you and proving again that QPR is a Family.
    The things we do for our clubs come may it will all be worth it.

  3. Good report Lorna – thanks! That stand at Burnley was exactly the same when I first sat in it at what was my first First Division game as a 10 year old kid – newly promoted Burnley v the other new boys QPR in Oct 1973! It’s not changed at all – apart from having sprung more leaks in the roof I suspect!

    I am not surprised to hear about the rough treatment being handed out to Adel, in fact I am surprised that he has not had a bit of a kicking from many other opponents this season. It was inevitably going to happen – I just hope we can strengthen the squad otherwise I think we will find the rest of the season a struggle.

    Glad you got home in the end, albeit late – and people wonder why we don’t use trains as much in this country as they do elsewhere in Europe?

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