The Comic Connection – No.3 – ‘Tiger and Jag’ – 10th March, 1973

‘Jag’ was short for Jaguar of course and followed in the paw prints as it were of the ‘Lion’ and ‘Tiger’. The first amalgamated issue hit the shops on 4th May, 1968 and included a free gift: ‘Bobby Moore’s Book of the FA Cup.’ The ever popular ‘Roy of the Rovers’ was still featured and took prominence on the front cover.

Next up was ‘Charlie Champs War’, the sports crazy soldier who somehow fought his battles with sports equipment ! In this issue, he had been sent to Norway with Rolf Kjelburg, a member of the Norwegian Resistance. Their mission was to destroy the mountain-side factory where the Germans were producing explosives for a hug bomb to destroy Britain !

Following an article by Gordon Banks about Harry Gregg, there is an advert from the makers of Clarks Commando shoes and then a feature on the star of the 1972 Munich Olympics, Mary Peters.

Johnny Cougar and his mate, Splash Gorton, had been captured by a wrestler known as Humpty Dumpty, who was the leader of a gang of smugglers. Johnny had managed to escape and released Splash, who was being held captive aboard the smugglers boat. But Johnny’s footprints were discovered on the deck of the boat. “That interfering redskin must have got aboard just before we moved off. We’ll follow the footprints and this time finish him off for good !”

There is a return to colour for ‘Martin’s Marvellous Mini.’ Martin Baker wanted to be a Motor-Racing driver so he and his mechanic pal, Tiny Hill, bought an old Mini, which they called ‘George’….and entered a rally to South Africa. Although they managed fourth place, ‘George’ was so battered he had to be taken to a garage for repairs. Later the two friends passed the garage – and saw ‘George’ outside….FOR SALE ! Have to say that I wasn’t drawn in by this introduction and quickly moved on to ‘Football Family Robinson.’

Thatchem United was a unique 2nd Division football club owned and managed by members of the Robinson family. The club had reached the Quarter-Finals of the UEFA Cup after losing 1-3 in the 1st leg at home against Kyros Olympic. They had made a great recovery in the 2nd leg and were leading 2-0 but now Kyros , roared on by their fans, were making tremendous efforts to regain command of the game. Crash Robinson did the impossible and saved a certain goal. His clearance went to Ginger Robinson, the family’s newest player whose two brilliant goals had put them back in with a chance……

S.Rochford of Sheffield won a pound for his ‘Request A Star’ being featured, which happened to be John Sissons of Sheffield Wednesday and formerly of West Ham. This is followed by ‘Autograph Albert’ and then ‘A Horse Called Ugly.’ ridden by young Joe Larcombe.

Skid Solo, Sparrow Smith and Sandy McGrath were preparing for the coming season of Grand Prix motor racing by developing and building two new cars…and one day, while the work was going on, along came an American named Dean Bean. Dean had a huge and powerful car, which was not quite right so Sandy decided to help him….

There is an advert for ‘Flik-Shot’ – the all-action football game, sanctioned by Pat Jennings, which could be acquired free with Trebor chews and bars but: ‘You’ll have to hurry. Only the first 50,000 Flik-Shot games are free. And they’ll go fast. Start collecting your Trebor Chews and Bars wrappers and use the little coupon.’ It goes on to say that each game contains one goalkeeper, 10 players, players’ strip and name tags, one ball and two cut-out goals with which you can immediately play a 5 a-side game. I was never that keen on Subbuteo, but I’d never even heard of this one ?

Last up were ‘The Tigers’ – Chunky Clark was captain of the Tigers – a Youth Club with only three members. To the dismay of his pals, Biff and Smithy, Chunky had decided to enter for a Youth Club motor-cycle trials….but first he had to get a motor-cycle.

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “The Comic Connection – No.3 – ‘Tiger and Jag’ – 10th March, 1973

  1. Magnificent!

    Memory tells me I used to get my copy of The Tiger at a newsagents which was between Coningham Road (on one side of Uxbridge Road) and Bloemfontein Road (on the other). By this I don’t mean the paper shop was in the middle of the road! But where the new telephone exchange stands now, and opposite the car showroom in the parade of shops across the road (between Bloemfontein Road and Ormiston Grove).

    I also seem to remember getting Hotspur, Victor, Valiant or Lion when I could.

    So the era of Roy of the Rovers sidled imperceptibly into the even more glorious one (for us!) of Rodney of the Rangers.

    Wonderful article, and thanks for the memory.

  2. I was a big fan of the ‘Tiger and Jag’ comic as well as ‘Smash’ and ‘Valiant’.
    I had a big collection of ‘Tiger and Jag’ comics, most of which I gave to a local charity shop last year. I still have some left. If anyone wants a copy just as a souvenir (I’m not selling them!), just contact me through my website.

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