Don’t Blame The Fans !

The following letter was written by Philippa Cohen (Miss) of Cricklewood and appeared in the Willesden Chronicle on 4th November, 1949….

Dear Sir,
Oh dear ! What can the matter be ? Every time QPR strike a bad patch the management turn on the supporters. We can’t shout anything right. After a number of missed penalties, we yell who we think should take the spot kick. The following week a reprimand appears in the programmes – it’s all our fault – if we’d kept quiet – who knows ? We might have even scored. When we keep quiet we don’t show our enthusiasm – if they’d only give us a song sheet with every programme, then we’d say what they wanted us to say, ’cause we’d hate to offend the management !

Joking apart, I’ve been to Leeds, Coventry and Sheffield this year and there’s a very gallant band of supporters worthy of mention (I’m not one of them). On most away matches they rise in the early hours to see their favourites play away. The rattles, bells and shouts that this mob produce is enough to encourage any team to victory, so enough of this criticism of the supporters.
Yours Faithfully,
Philippa Cohen (Miss)
48,Keyes Road,


The above pic shows R’s fans upon arrival in Hull that season ‘after travelling all night through ice and snow.’

Steve Russell

8 thoughts on “Don’t Blame The Fans !

  1. Yes, good stuff Steve! The match at Hull ended as a 1-1 draw. My Dad followed the Rs away regularly from 1945 but by 1950 he’d met my mum and I think Cardiff was his only trip outside London that season.

    Andy – the original photo is from the 1950/1 handbook and I have looked at the original but there’s no sign of Daphnie. Howvever there are a lot of people close to the bus whose faces you cannot see, so she may well have been there.

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