Tony Ingham – A Tribute & A Memory

Tony Ingham, QPR legend, loyal club servant, first-class left back, captain and one of the true gentlemen of football. This is no hype I can assure you.

Following his transfer from Leeds United, Tony played a record 514 league games for the R’s over the period from June 1950 to May 1963 and scored 3 goals. One of which I had the pleasure to witness at Loftus Road in a Division South fixture against Watford on 30th November, 1957. Rangers won 3-0 and I was glad I was there to see that rare goal from Tony.

In my childhood days of supporting the R’s from 1957 through to the early 1960’s, Tony seemed an eternal figure, well established as Captain in the No.3 left-back slot, just as natural as the rising of the sun each morning. He was a talented defender and without doubt, could have played his football at a higher level than the Third Division, but he remained loyal to QPR FC and stuck with the club until the finish of his playing days.

Thereafter, he did much sterling work for the QPR FC Secretarial/Admin and Commercial departments. I recall one occasion during the 1967/68 season when he called round to our house in person to try and persuade my Father, a Fulham supporter, to subscribe to the QPR Pools !

Rest in Peace Tony Ingham. They don’t make ’em like you anymore.

Bernard Lambert (Kerrins)

About ten years ago, I was on my way home when I saw Tony Ingham come out of the local butchers shop (opposite where the Oldfield Tavern used to be in North Greenford). He walked about ten yards in front of me as we turned the corner into Horsenden Lane. As he was getting into his car, I drew up level with him. I then said to him: “I bought a photo of you the other day” and he replied: “You must be a QPR fan.” So we chatted briefly and he then said: “Are you going to the game today ?” I told him that I was so he said: “Jump in, I’ll give you a lift.” So there I was being chauffeured to a home game by none other than QPR’s former player and still the holder of the most appearances for our club.

It turned out that he was very close friends with the butchers, who had turned the shop into a QPR shrine with photos of all the greats and plenty of course of Tony. The shop is no more, it closed down about 6-7 years ago. Alas, neither is Tony. I never had the pleasure of seeing him play, but I will always treasure that 30 minutes I spent with him that day.

Rest in Peace.


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  1. Sometimes in life people are born to do a role and i think from what i read about Tony both from fans who seen him play and also in the history books.
    There is a man who is a real Legend of Queen’s Park Rangers the word is over used at times in the game but Tony Ingham is a man that is LEGEND.

    I would like to see QPR name two stands in the ground one after the Late Mike Keen and one Tony Ingham.
    There will never be two people that will ever be as great as them.
    So i am going to email the club in asking about this and please can others.
    Tony Ingham Mr Queen’s Park Rangers.

  2. Well said Finney mate.

    My Father has been sending me copies of the local Gazette and Chronicles over recent weeks…and do you know I could find no obituary or even a mention of Tony Inghams Funeral..Very Strange and a shame. Did I miss something?

  3. Thanks for the memories and tributes Kerrins and Chrisp.
    It is a mark of the man that his name comes to mind whenever I think of those early days Kerrins, when we stood on the terraces in uncluttered times. Little did we know what was to follow and Tony had much to do with that golden period.
    RIP Tony you are still in our thoughts.

  4. A great man and the idea of naming the stands after Mike Keen and Tony Ingham is excellent Finney. Better names than Sellotape etc! No one is likely to ever beat Tony’s appearances record and let’s hope that Mike Keen is not the last Rs skipper to raise aloft a cup at Wembley.

  5. This is a message left on our facebook group
    Having worked with him I can testify as to what a great man he was.

    Gavin Maguire

  6. Mike Jackson…Tony was sent off ONCE in a Div 3 match at Shrewsbury Nov 1957(Lost 2-1) in COMPLETE ERROR and was subsequently cleared.

    The account of this incident is descibed in the home Programme against Newcastle May 2010…but if this is not to hand I can oblige with the info and my own personal recollection of the event.

    You can PM me.

    Bernard Lambert (“Kerrins”)

  7. A real gentleman on and off the pitch. Often saw him on match days in Uxbridge Road walking to the ground and he always returned a greeting. That would not happen today. He was a role model in every way.

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