Pitshanger Football Club Are Forging Links With QPR

The initiative currently being demonstrated by our Community Department is certainly a massive positive for QPR in helping to strengthen the local fan base. I read recently in the local Gazette about the latest link with Pitshanger Football Club. They have been based at Scotch Common in North Ealing for over 25 years and were associated with Brentford. They draw their membership from the surrounding area as well slightly further afield in Greenford, Southall, Acton and Northolt. I don’t know who the author of the article was:-

Pitshanger Football Club are forging links with QPR in the hope of increasing their stock. The club, which has 17 teams from U7 to U18 level playing in the Harrow Youth and Soccer Seven leagues, will get some financial benefits from the Club Partnership scheme, as well as help with coaching. Rangers are looking to improve links to local clubs to boost their own fan base and Pitshanger are hoping the kudos of having QPR as a parent club will attract more youngsters. Pitshanger will benefit from cash-back rewards from Rangers on tickets for QPR games bought by Pitshanger’s youngsters. That money will go mainly on kit and on the day-to-day running of the club.

Club spokesman, Brian Lochead said: “So far, it looks like we are the only team in the area with this tie-up with Rangers and we are rather hoping it will stay that way so we can become the club identified with QPR. We have had links with Brentford in the past, but there is no reason why this new link can’t be even more successful in drawing in new players for us.”

Dave Grundy, Pitshanger’s Chairman, said: “This represents a fantastic opportunity for our club to reach its next stage of development and for our teams to continue improving.” QPR Community Trust executive Andy Evans said: “The aim of this scheme is to create real and meaningful relationships with grass-roots and local football clubs by establishing a true partnership. All football clubs, such as Pitshanger, are much more than just places to play football. It is a place where families and the local community come together.”

Pitshanger FC, who are based at Scotch Common, North Ealing, are looking for players of all ages for next season. Trials will take place in the coming weeks.
For more information please email:brian@lochead.fsworld.co.uk

Steve Russell