A Boxing Supper Night In Honour Of Queen’s Park Rangers F.C.

On Monday 17th April, 1967, the Anglo-American Sporting Club presented a ‘Boxing Supper Night’ in honour of the R’s at the London Hilton in Mayfair. Rangers had of course, lifted the League Cup the previous month at Wembley. The evening was due to commence with Major General, The Viscount of Brenchley, C.B., O.B.E., M.C. proposing toasts for ‘Her Majesty The Queen’ and the ‘President of the United States of America.’

The Secretary then made the welcome address and ‘Our Guests of Honour’ were proposed by Kenneth Wolstenholme. Apart from commentating on our epic League Cup Final victory, he will never be forgotten for those immortal words he also uttered at Wembley the previous year: ‘Some people are on the pitch…they think it’s all over…it is now !’

Alec Stock was then to reply to the presentation by the Major General and the ‘Last Bell’ was for Lance Percival, who despite being a Chelsea fan, presumably supplied some topical humour to the proceedings. The guests then tucked into Melon Glace, Filet de Sole Bonne Femme, Supreme de Volaille Princesse, Pommes Neuvelles au Beurre, Salade de Fruits, Le Rocher Glace Vanille, Petits Fours and coffee.

The Boxing was scheduled next, which consisted of three bouts and commenced with Jimmy Tibbs from the East End taking on Daniele Lueilier from France in a Light Heavyweight contest. The records show that this encounter ended in a draw. Next up was a Welterweight bout featuring Ricky Porter from Hammersmith and Chris Jobson from East Ham. For the Lightweight Contest, Winstone Laud from St. Ives was up against Belfast boy, Brian Smythe. There was to be one further Contest to be announced from the ring.

There are ten autographs on the back page of the Menu and these include, Bill Nicholson. George Graham, Frank McLintock, Cyril Knowles, Keith Weller and possibly Terry Downes ? There may also be a condensed version in the top corner of Mark Lazarus’s signature ?

This rare item of memorabilia from my collection marks an important event which honoured Alec Stock and his legendary side of 1967.

Steve Russell

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  1. Steve.

    I will never forget the moment of seeing Terry Downes on League Cup Final Day driving through the Wembley Crowds in his “Roller” with that massive QPR Rossette on the Front of the vehicle..waving to the Crowd as if he was Royalty.

    Glory Hunter?..You may think that but I could not possibly comment lol

    Interesting read Steve fron those halcyon days of ’67.

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