An Essential Purchase – ‘QPR – The Complete Record’ By Gordon Macey

If you are in a hurry and feel that you don’t have time to read all of this, all you really need to know is that if you are a QPR fan, then you should go and buy yourself a copy of Gordon Macey’s latest book. For those of you that do have a little time to spend then please read on…..

The book contains 570 pages of narrative, facts and figures in the history of QPR, all its past and present players, Managers and the major events at the club. The first 160 pages make up the narrative story of the club’s fortunes in the league and various Cups. In order to reduce the number of pages in the book, Gordon chose to condense the narrative up to about 1999 but this is compensated by a very extensive account on the events of the last ten years with all the ups and downs on the playing field and also a large amount of information on the club’s finances and back room events. Gordon has done a very good job in detailing all the important events at the club. He even details the offer made by Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone to buy the club in September 2007.

A section of the book that I’m sure will make interesting reading is called: ‘Matches To Remember’. There are detailed match reports of 24 games in Rangers history, from the early days to League Cup glory and the 1982 FA Cup Final, not to mention the infamous Vauxhall Motors Cup defeat ! Gordon had some help from Leigh Edwards, who compiled the section called ‘100 Leading QPR Players’, detailed pen pictures of players who wore the hoops for a lengthy period of time, from Bert Addinall to Pat Woods. Likewise, all the Managers are profiled in equally detailed fashion.

The other half of the book focuses on the statistical side of QPR. You will find complete season-by-season statistics and league tables from 1899 up to the end of last season. The statistical facts have been updated with all the latest findings and corrections. The excel sheets have been made easier to read by giving then a light grey background to every second row. Prints of match programmes or handbooks for most of the seasons give a nice touch to the pages and a quick view on how the match programme design has evolved over the years. I’m sure older fans will remember for example the checkered cover design.

There are also complete records of games versus all opposition, team by team, and in case you’re wondering, by the end of last season QPR had played 5,058 official matches in all competitions since turning professional in 1899. All the hat-trick heroes are listed and there is a comprehensive list of all QPR players who have ever been called to represent their country, from youth level to full international level, game by game with dates and opposition named and also not forgetting the venue. Finally, there is a complete list of all the players who have ever worn the famous hoops which includes the total number of appearances plus goals and transfer data when available. All this and a lot more can be found within the covers and on top of this, the book is richly illustrated with a large number of photos.

To be able to come up with a book like this requires interest and devotion to the cause and is extremely time consuming. The book is a result of decades of hard work and one can only congratulate Gordon Macey on the magnificent job that he has done once again. A book like this may not be something everyone reads from cover to cover and the statistics section may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you ever wonder about an event from the past or are just curious about past players or Managers, then this is the definite reference book to have.

Now that you have read all I’ve had to say then I can only repeat what I wrote at the beginning -if you are a QPR fan, then go and buy yourself a copy of Gordon’s latest book. It will be ¬£19.99 well spent.

Kenneth Westerberg

6 thoughts on “An Essential Purchase – ‘QPR – The Complete Record’ By Gordon Macey

  1. Looking forward to buying/reading it.
    His last book was a superb effort, and I notice that this one has over 200 pages more.
    It can only be a labour of love.

    Well done Gordon and his likeminded friends/researchers.

    Is there any way that I can buy a couple of signed copies?

  2. Steve,
    I know Gordon had a signing session at LR at the Accrington Stanley game. I don’t know if another is planned but I can try to find out.

  3. Yes great book.

    I have put some questions to Gordon for his interview with the qpr vital website.(Adam Boxer)

    I am really looking forward to the response.

    Bernard Lambert

  4. You can buy the book at the clubshop where they might still have signed copies of it or through the Official website online shop.

    Gordon says that he’s not aware of another signing session at the shop. If they want some more signed copies then he guesses it could be arranged.

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