Scalextric Fundraising Night

The recent Scalextric fundraising night was a great success with over ¬£2,000 being raised for the QPR in the Community Trust. The event was held in the Blue and White Bar and each team was made up of four players who raced on an eight lane track. The Indy R’s team comprised of Sam, Paul,Adam and Yazz. Paul Finney was also there in an un-official capacity and insisted on having a go. The inevitable happened of course and he eventually received an official warning for crashing !

Fiona Hodgson informs me that the winners were the F1 Racers followed by the QPR Players team and in third place were Trust in the Safety Car. During the night there was also a Wii Fit ski jumping challenge and table football. The money raised will benefit the local community in a project that has a positive impact on health, education or social inclusion. She would like to thank everyone that entered a team and supported the night plus Santander , Pit Stop Promotions, Billy Rice, Lee Cook and Kaspars Gorkss.

Finally a word from Sam, our captain: “After two captains buckled under the pressure of leading our mixture of youth and experience, it fell to me to inspire us to victory (or not, as the case proved to be). It was good to see Messrs. Cook and Gorkss there, interacting with everyone, playing table football etc. Team Indy R’s scraped into the final thus forcing us into the outside purple lane (where Finney had earlier been officially warned for crashing), where we struggled, crashed again, fell off the track and where we stayed for about 40 seconds whilst the organisers refused to pick us up ! But all in all it was a good evening and much better than the maths homework I didn’t do !

Steve Russell