Patrick Maguire’s Exhibition At The Kingsgate Gallery, London, NW6

Pat is a season ticket holder in the Lower Loft and his first ever exhibition is being presented at the Kingsgate Gallery, NW6. The Press release details are as follows:-
Preview: 8th July, 6pm – 9pm

9th July – 26th July 2009

Thursdays to Sundays only: 12pm – 6pm

Kingsgate Gallery is proud to present the first ever exhibition of works by Patrick Maguire. On 3rd December 1974, Patrick and six of his family were arrested. They were to become known as “The Maguire Seven”, allegedly responsible for making two bombs which exploded in Guildford earlier that year. Patrick was just thirteen. He spent four years in prison before being freed. Thanks to the conviction, he then had no family and no home. Patrick was innocent as were those arrested with him. As a child Patrick hated school and made numerous doodles, drawings and cartoons as a form of escapism. Later, in prison, he would decorate letters to his parents with similar pictures and cartoons. Some years later whilst being treated in ‘The Priory’, he began to work furiously creating abstract pictures and other works reflecting his state of mind. “I fixed the works and stuck them up…my mind was racing and when I got the charcoal between my fingers and the end on to the paper, it poured out. They weren’t pictures of things I’d seen exactly – though they were often made up of recognizable forms – but pictures of what I had felt and was still feeling. They were all very deep, but the drawings themselves couldn’t be bad, not considering the feelings I had when I was making them, feelings of release I’d never known before.”

For this exhibition, Patrick has selected a variety of work on paper created whilst in ‘The Priory’ which exemplify his story through a range of media and styles. On Friday 10th July, 7.30pm at Kingsgate Community Centre, 107 Kingsgate Road, London, NW6 2JH, Patrick will be in conversation with Peter Stanford, journalist, broadcaster, biographer and one of the main campaigners for justice for ‘The Maguire Seven’. Patrick will be available to answer questions and sign copies of his book: ‘My Father’s Watch’ which is out in paperback and published by Harper Perennial. Tickets for ‘In Conversation’ are ¬£6.00 on the night which includes refreshments. Patrick would like this exhibition to be dedicated to the memory of Tracey Meade from West London who was murdered in February 1993 at the age of 14. The murder remains unsolved. This exhibition is supported by Peter Sutherland, the Black Lion in Kilburn and Simon at the Kilburn Bookshop. The exhibition is a partnership event between Kingsgate Workshops Trust (Kingsgate Gallery) and the Kilburn Festival.


Steve Russell

4 thoughts on “Patrick Maguire’s Exhibition At The Kingsgate Gallery, London, NW6

  1. Very interesting Steve.
    Having met the man briefly and read his book, I found it to be brutally honest if somewhat terribly sad.
    Will make a point of calling into Kingsgate Road to take a look….. went to school at the bottom of the road.

  2. It sounds facinating and I have just heard Pat on Radio Four came across really well. Would love to see this exhibition but don’t make it to londinium much. I wonder if there are plans to tour it elsewhere. Is there anywhere else I can see any of pats work.

  3. Hello there Steve,I went along to the Exhibition on Thursday and it was good to see Pat there as well. Some of his pictures have been sold already,including one of my favourites. He has other paintings/sketches that need to be framed up sometime.I was talking to him about getting some prints done before they’re taken away. It’s now been extended to early August mate.Hopefully there will be some more news soon.

  4. I recently read My fathers watch I was so moved by it.
    The part where Patrick is leaving prison and takes his dads watch out to wind made me burst into floods of tears.
    I would dearly love to see the artwork will it be on show again and is any for sale?

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