‘Put Me Back On My Bike’ – Tim Burrows

Tim Burrows is a QPR fan from Brouncker Road in London W3 who I’ve known for a good few years now. Sadly, his dad passed away last year but it’s prompted him to attempt a very tough bike ride up Mount Ventoux to raise awareness and some funds for the following:-

Diabetes UK
A Centre for Disabled People
The National Association For Disabled Supporters
Two teams from ‘The Positive Mental Attitude Football League – QPR Ealing and the Hounslow Hawks

He’s hoping to do the ride next week but he’s still a bit sore after breaking a couple of ribs whilst training last week ! It’s a re-enactment of Stage 13 of the Tour de France. Tommy Simpson was perhaps the greatest cyclist that Britain has ever produced and he died tragically on 13th July 1967 on his ascent up Mount Ventoux. Good luck Tim and best wishes mate.

Steve Russell


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2 thoughts on “‘Put Me Back On My Bike’ – Tim Burrows

  1. Its an area I have visited a few times, stunnungly beautiful and not far from the Cotes du Rhone wine area. I’d move to this area tomorrow (if I could afford it, spoke French, etc etc)

    The mountain isnt as high as some of the alps obviously but it goes on and on and on and on for ages, I drove up and was knackered! to be honest I drove most of the way up and then walked a bit but didnt get to the top, the road was closed to cars but I think I could have walked if i hadnt runout of time……

    Cycling up this is going to be very tough so good luck Tim


    Theres a small piece about cycling Mt Ventoux at the bottom of the link.

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