Steve Marriott & The 1964 Friendly Against Hibernian.

I’m still a huge fan of the Small Faces and. I first became aware that Stevie Marriott had performed at Loftus Road when a picture of him with ‘The Moments’ appeared in a fanzine some years ago. I do remember seeing a local band, ‘The Midnites’ play at Loftus Road later in the 60’s but unfortunately I had missed Steve Marriott. Then two years ago, Richard Maclennan scanned a similar image for me which he had seen in a book. I still didn’t even know which game it was until last month when Colin Woodley stumbled across the following note on the back of the Hibernian programme, a friendly played on 15th February 1964.He then scanned it for me and it reads as follows:-

‘Other new faces at Loftus Road are Steve Marriot and his moments. This is the first time we have had a beat group in action before a match and would like to wish Steve – who has appeared on several T.V. programmes – a swinging time.’ The lead guitarist was Johnny Weider who was from Shepherd’s Bush and the band had used a rehearsal room in a studio near his home.Weider had played with Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and later joined Eric Burdon before joining the progressive rock band, ‘Family’.

The friendly was arranged because the scheduled opponents, Barnsley were involved in a Cup tie as the programme notes explain:-

‘With scheduled opponents Barnsley still engaged in the FA Cup, we are happy to fill in the blank date this afternoon with a friendly match against famous Scottish First Division side Hibernian. We much appreciate the action of Hibs in stepping in at late notice for this game when it looked as if our supporters would have a ‘soccerless Saturday’. They have kindly agreed to take only the minimum costs just to cover their bare expenses.’

The visitors’ team changes have been noted in the programme so I’m taking it that the R’s line-up was as shown: Smith, Pat Brady, Angell, Malcolm, Ray Brady, Keen, McQuade, Bedford, Leary, Graham and McLeod. Many years later, Terry McQuade was to open a football-themed restaurant in the Haymarket with another ex-R’s player, Bobby Keetch. Stuart Leary was born in South Africa and also played County cricket for Kent. Tragically his body was found on Table Mountain in 1988.

The Hibernian team included Ronnie Simpson in goal who was nearly 34 at the time. He had won two FA Cup medals with Newcastle and was transferred to Celtic in 1965. He was one of the ‘Lisbon Lions’ who defeated Inter Milan 2-1 in the1967 European Cup Final. At left back was John Parke who arrived from Linfield and had made his debut for Northern Ireland in the 2-1 victory over Scotland in November 1963. The rest of the side were as follows: Fraser, Leishman, Cameron, Stanton, Grant, O’Rourke, Vincent, Martin and Stevenson. Rangers were having a poor season but easily won this encounter 5-1 with two goals apiece from Brian Bedford and Malcolm Graham and one from Terry McQuade.

However, the Youth team were having a good season and had reached the 4th Round of the FA Youth Cup following a magnificent 2-1 victory at White Hart Lane after extra time and how prophetic these programme notes were to be: ‘We make no apologies for mentioning the outstanding performance of our juniors yet again in the programme. A good Youth side today often results in an efficient first team of tomorrow and we believe we have a good Youth side at ‘Loftus Road.’ There is also reference to a new chant started at Tottenham but doesn’t actually say what it was ? Peter Springett had been selected to go on the England Youth team tour of Spain and the Canary Islands.

In the Boardroom, it was announced that George Wodehouse had retired as Chairman but remained on the Board and was replaced by Bernard ‘Call Me Bert’ Baker: ‘Mr Baker, introduced to the Rangers by his brother when he was eight years old, will certainly have the reputation as one of the most active club Chairman in the Football League. He never misses a chance to watch a game of football whether first team, combination or junior matches. He was one of the pioneers of the use of floodlights, being a member of the committee which first investigated the possibilities of floodlit football in this country. Later he helped establish the Southern Junior Floodlight Cup – the first competition to be held under lights.’

Once again, thanks to Colin Woodley and Richard Maclennan for all their help. I tried to contact Monitor Press for permission to use the Steve Marriott image but without any success. Should a copyright problem arise then please email me at:

Steve Russell

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  1. another good one steve, micky stewart from Johnny Kidd and the pirates lived in cuckoo avenue on the cookoo estate and went to brentside school.

  2. Steve. Wonderful write up.Well done also to Colin and Richard

    Yes we were having such a bad season I decided not to attend the game and went fishing at Shepperton instead. In fact from March 63 to April 65 it was a very dire period indeed.

    I too was a great fan of the small faces and I have got all their hits on CD. Correct me if I am wrong but didnt Steve Marriot die in a tragic house fire?

    Hey why was Bernard Baker ashamed of being called Bernard? lol

    I think Ronnie Simpson played in Goal for Birmingham when we beat them 4-1 in the first leg of the League Cup Semi at St Andrews Jan 67.

    Bernard (dont call me Bert) Lambert

  3. interesting article Steve – a good idea to have a rock group perform before a match and not those brass bands marching up and down the pitch (…do they still do that? long time since i attended a match!)- shame it never caught on, you would have had a higher percentage of women turning up to games in those days if their pop idols were playing..!

  4. Notice a mention of Johnny Weider. Just wondering if he is the brother of Paulette Weider who I think lived in a house not far from young Kerrins.Briefly part of the Kelmscott Gardens crowd she later popped up in a paper as Miss Kings Road! Kerrins will no doubt confirm! (or not)

  5. Colin. Yes come to think of it Paulette Weiders name does ring a Bell..although I certainly did not know her personally. I cannot confirm where she lived.

    Steve..I thought as much. A sad ending for Steve Marriot.

    BTW..Ooops! I am getting my Sottish keepers confused!
    It was Jim Herriot that was in goal for Brum in that league Cup Semi..not Ronnie Simpson as I previously stated…bit of a cock up on the Jock front Reggie! lol

  6. Thank you young Kerrins (yet another memory lapse I see!!!)Paulette lived I think in the road which joined Askew Road near Aschurch Villas (?Binden Road)Friend of another young lady who lived in the corner pub. ?Jane
    Still trying to remember which of the Scottish friendly games was played in dense fog and meetioned in my Growing up in West London articles. I thought it was the Hibs game but it doesnt look very foggy in the picture of The Moments!

  7. Interesting read Steve.

    A real talent with both Small Faces and Humble Pie.
    For whatever reason he seemed to become disillusioned with it all.
    Never knew he played at LR… no doubt I was too young!!

  8. Colin.Binden Rd is probably correct…was it Jane from The Orchard Tavern?It will be interesting to see what further info Steve can come up with after contacting Johnny Weider.

    Steve what became of the Midnites I wonder? I recall them being a part of the pre match entertainment at some home matches during the latter part of 66/67. I will always remember their version of that classic Donavan hit single Mellow yellow….

    We’re just wild about Rodney
    Cos he’s the greatest thing yet
    We’re just wild about Rodney
    He’s always got the ball in the net
    The Hoops are white and blue..quite rightly
    The Hoops are white and blue…quite rightly

    Ok then everybody sing along! 1-2-3…lol

  9. Yes old wise one it was Jane from the Orchard Tavern! I now await your wise words on the foggy friendly I attended!
    The Midnites are not listed in the Virgin Encyclopedia of Popular Music so presumably did not have a recording career.

  10. Great article! I’m also a big Small Faces fan. I was thrilled to meet Ian Maclagan in Washington DC when he was touring with Billy Bragg in 2002. The latest issue of 442 reveals that Roger Daltrey was a Rangers fan as kid….he’s now Arsenal – ugh!

  11. Colin. with the risk of sounding corny I could say I have not got the foggiest!The home friendly against Arbroath 68/69 won 6-3 was NOT a foggy day as far as I recall.I was there for that game sat in the old wooden Ellerslie Rd stand…I’m straining my memory banks to think of any other home friendly matches against Scottish teams in those far off days.

  12. Funnily enough I found a 2008 issue of a 1,000 only copies limited pressing of a Steve Marriott’s Moments ep just this afternoon.

    More here for those interested:

    The only other Rangers home friendly in the 60s v a Scottish team that I can remember was the August 1969 game v Glasgow Rangers that I believe was a rough house both on and off the pitch

  13. Martin: I knew they released a single in America and I too came across that EP recently.

    btw did you see Irish Jack’s article about Mods on our Home Page ?

    I remember that game againt Glasgow Rangers..lively match with Rodney getting sent off.
    West Ham and Tottenham fans also turned up that day.

  14. Thanks for that link Steve, no I missed that one – great reading! Being born in ’63 I was a bit too young for the ‘Oo but saw them at long last 2 years ago at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Very enjoyable but I am sure not a patch on what they must have been like in the 60s and early 70s. The latest issue of 442 magazine has Mr Daltrey revealing that the one time young Rangers fan is now a Gooner. Good luck to him – his loss!!! Any idea of whether the rest of the band were Rs fans in the 60s?

  15. Vic Gibbons used to take him down the Rangers as a kid. He lived in Percy Road and went to the same school as me but ended up as a Gooner for some reason ? As far as I know the other members of the band weren’t football fans. btw did you read this article written by Jack ?

  16. Great Article Steve, very interesting I never thought Marriott would have played at Loftus Road, I see the stage is in front of the old Ellerslie Road stand where the dugouts and club offices used to be, I may have this programme some where I’ll try and dig it out.
    On the night that Marriott tragically died Paul Weller did a gig at the Brixton Academy and played “Tin Soldier” as a tribute to him.
    Am I right in saying he was living in Acton at the time?
    Re: Roger Daltrey , this seems to be a trend I remember Phil Collins wearing his Rangers shirt on stage and going on about what a big Rangers fan he was, but I remember at half time in a televised game about 15 years ago he was interviewed declaring his love for Tottenham!

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