The Golden Goal Of 1946

In June I wrote about the prospect of a golden goal in an FA Cup replay against Crystal Palace played at Craven Cottage in 1946. The rule wasn’t needed and Rangers won the game 1-0. Moreno Ferrari commented after the article that: “It would seem that there was indeed a match that year where the ‘golden goal’ was used. Near the end of the season QPR were still very much involved with the Division 3 (South) Cup and were to play Bournemouth in the semi finals. QPR managed a 1-1 draw at Dean Court but lost 0-1 at home and it’s this particular defeat that was by a ‘golden goal’. Interestingly the four page programme does not state what would happen in the event of the match being tied. In my copy of the programme, the previous owner had indicated that the game had ended 0-0 besides both teams and then a further 0-0 in brackets (could this possibly be half time or extra time ?) BUT he had also written that the game lasted 136 minute. This indeed suggests that it was a case of ‘next goal wins’. The programmes/handbook for the following season does not mention that the game was decided in this way but as the final against Bristol Rovers at Stamford Bridge was only a few days away there would not of been time for a replay to be arranged.”

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I then wrote to AFC Bournemouth and Neil Vacher, their Football Administrator kindly sent me a photo-stat copy of a page from their history book which reads: “The subsequent replay at Loftus Road produced one of the most remarkable games in the club’s history. After the usual ninety minutes, the score was 0-0 and three periods of extra time failed to alter it. The match was then decided on the first goal scored and this fell to Boscombe immediately after the start of the fourth period of extra time through Jack Kirkham. The game lasted a total of 136 minutes.”

The game was played on 1st May 1946 and kicked off at 6pm. The official attendance was given as 15,000 and the R’s lined up as follows: Allen, Rose, Powell, Daniels, Ridyard, Chapman, Neary, Mallett, Heathcote, Parkinson and Pattison. It was noted in the programme that: “By kind permission of the Supt. Of Police, parking of cars will be allowed in Bloemfontein Road, Sawley Road and Byrony Road.” The Supporters Club announced there were forthcoming dances at the Porchester Hall and Acton Town Hall. It also refers to some heroics in the previous match from our legendary keeper: “Reg Allen played with literally only one useful hand; a carbuncle on his left wrist caused Reg a lot of pain but he played a grand game despite this. On Monday the surgeon’s knife had to be used on it, plus penicillin twice a day.”

The Cherries went on to win the trophy at Stamford Bridge by beating Walsall 1-0. Thanks to Neil Vacher at AFC Bournemouth for his assistance and to Moreno for his in-put after the first article and for the loan of his programme which was a better copy than mine.

Steve Russell

4 thoughts on “The Golden Goal Of 1946

  1. Great read as always. Maybe we should tell the present squad that all away games will be settled on the Golden Goal rule! That may concentrate their minds and keep old Foghorn happy!

  2. Well done. Great read Steve.

    We could do with scoring a few more goals ourselves..and they dont even have to be “Golden” either!

    Can anyone bring me up to date and supply info on the Porchester Hall?…its a name that rings a Bell from my distant childhood.

  3. It is in Bayswater W2 Mr Kerrins. Do an internet search and their site comes up.Not sure if they do Mint Juleps.

  4. Thanks Colin.

    That seems quite a distance away for the QPR Supporters Club to hold a Function especially in those days.

    PS…as long as they do Brit Vic 55’s thats OK with me!

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