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The ‘Little Ones’ are a five-piece band from Los Angeles and although birthed under the warm rays of California, they have since become committed QPR fans. Their musical influences are rooted mainly in the 60’s with comparisons to ‘The Beach Boys’, ‘The Zombies’ and ‘The Kinks’ but Simon their Manager is responsible for getting them into the R’s. Simon is from Hampton and has been a Rangers fan since his Grandad Norman took him in 1974 and has been going ever since.

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Although he was an ‘on and off’ season ticket holder due to work commitments, he has had a regular season ticket in the East Paddock for about seven years with his two sons Louis and Dexter and his good friend John Walsh. His favourite games have been Liverpool away in the Milk Cup semi-final, promotion at Sheffield Wednesday and Tottenham at Wembley. His favourite players include Dave Thomas, Simon Stainrod, Leighton James, Paul Goddard, Sir Les, Trevor Sinclair and more recently Gino and Birch.

The band attended their first Rangers match at Loftus Road in February 2007 when Burnley were the opponents. According to singer/guitarist Ed Reyes, they plan to write a club song for QPR. Last Saturday, Ed and Brian appeared on SoccerAM and they were presented with a signed Rangers shirt by presenter Helen Chamberlain.

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Before Ed Reyes and Ian Moreno formed the band they had been in an indie rock outfit called ‘Sunday’s Best’. They have been described as playing ‘giddy guitar music infused with lashings of wit and effervescence’. Apart from their 60’s influences, there have also been comparisons to modern-day bands such as ‘The Shins’ and the ‘Elephant 6 Collective’. In 2006, they released ‘Sing Song’ EP on Astralwerks Records which received a top review from the NME. They supported the ‘Kaiser Chiefs’ in their UK Arena Tour at the end of 2007. On 28th July, ‘The Morning Tide’ was finally released on Heavenly Records. The band are set to play the ‘Forever Heavenly Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 14th September and will then headline a show at the ’93 Feet East’ Club in Brick Lane on the 23rd.

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Steve Russell

4 thoughts on “The Little Ones

  1. Nice One Steve, I was shocked to see those 2 guys with L.A. accents on Soccer a.m. last week with rangers scarfs! just a shame the scarf had the abysmal new badge on.
    Interesting to see the feature on John Barnes on the same show where he said his heroes as a kid were the R’s team of the mid 70’s, I don’t remember that being mentioned much before.

  2. Had the privelege of seeing The Little Ones last night in Brick Lane,and was very pleasantly surprised.I know that sounds awful but I honestly hadn’t read this article properly before going, so knew hardly anything about them except what friends had told me following their appearance on Sky the other week.I would certainly go and see them again.Had a chat with their manager Simon, who introduced me to one of the band, singer/guitarist/keyboardist/tambourine/ clapper , Brian .They then went on stage and dedicated one of the songs ‘to all QPR fans’……which got a couple of ‘You R’s ‘ from various audience members.
    The influences mentioned are spot on, and if i could compare them to contemporary bands I’d go for the Magic Numbers & The Thrills. I shall now be keeping an eye out for them next time they are over this side of the pond.
    Now its time to look them up on myspace, which is what I should’ve done before going to see them !!!!!

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