QPR Centre Of Excellence – Germany 2008

QPR Centre Of Excellence – Germany 2008

Twenty one Youth team players travelled to their Edenkoben training base on Saturday 2nd August. They played four games against strong German opposition over a seven day period. The first pic shown below is of the U18 squad and the other is of Danny Davenport exchanging pennants with the Bayern Munich captain. The match details are as follows:-

(a) Lost 0-2 to Borussia Monchengladbach
Team: Bulmer, Wright, Mirzai, Smith, Harris, Bailey, Nanetti, Davenport, Fernandez, German, Vanterpool
Substitutions: Cox for Smith, Ehmer for Davenport, Waters for Vanterpool, Harriman for Fernandez, Graham for Mirzai and Molloy came on for German.

(b) Lost 0-1 to Borussia Dortmund
Team: Bulmer, Cox, Waters, Smith, Harris, Bailey, Nanetti, Davenport, Fernandez, German, Harriman
Substitutions: Molloy for Fernandez, Perring for Davenport, Wright for Cox, Vanterpool for Nanetti, Morley for German, Brittain for Smith and Ehmer replaced Harriman.

(c) Beat Kaiserslautern 1-0
Team: Bulmer, Cox, Mirzai, Ehmer, Morley, Wright, Brittain, Perring, German, Molloy, Graham Scorer: Morley
Substitutions: Nanetti for Graham, Aksoy for Bulmer, Fernandez for Molloy, Vanterpool for Perring and Harriman came on for Cox

(d) Lost 0-2 to Bayern Munich
Team: Bulmer, Harriman, Waters, Smith, Harris, Wright, Nanetti, Davenport, German, Fernandez, Graham.
Substitutions: Bailey for Harris, Molloy for Fernandez, Brittain for Graham and Vanterpool replaced Nanetti

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