The Latest Independent R’s Badge

Despite the denials of a fourth badge for 2007, the final one arrived in time to still commemorate the Tour of Iceland sixty years ago. The idea was to ‘twin’ the crest of one of the R’s opponents with something based on the QPR badge that was issued as a souvenir at the time. This original badge is very rare indeed and the only reference I had was a fairly rough photo-copy.

I also omitted the lettering from the original as I didn’t want to copy it and then added the crest of Fram FC. Fram Reykjavik were beaten 6-1 in the second match of the Tour.

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A badge collector in Iceland searched for five years for the original and he even went as far as contacting players involved in some of the games and fans who attended in 1947 but none of them knew of its existence. He eventually obtained one from a fellow collector who later sold another spare for around £120.00. Thanks to Armann for emailing the image and I hope he is pleased with my badge.

As with the previous three badges, this was also limited to 100 and currently, less than half the stock remains.

They are available at ¬£3.00 each, either on match days or by post. If ordered by post, please add on ¬£1.00 for postage and packing. Cheques to be made out to, ‘Independent R’s’ and send to:-

91 Eastcote Lane, South Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 8RN

For further information email me at:

It would be interesting to know how many of the original were produced ?

The design for the first badge of 2008 has been submitted and should be available sometime in March.

Steve Russell

3 thoughts on “The Latest Independent R’s Badge

  1. Steve..From memory that original Badge seems to resemble in some ways the R’s Supporters club badge of the late 1950’s…but obviously without the “loop” facility for each seasons “year bar” to be added on.

    Am I right?..What do you think?

  2. Yes that’s right Bernard
    The SC badges didn’t seem to vary much since the first one in the 30’s up to that White City issue and even that one had the facility for those year bars mate.
    I still have the White City one (with a few year bars attached)and the oval shaped Royal blue badge.
    I do remember looking at some of the older supporters with the long sets of year bars dangling down their chest like old soldiers.

  3. Steve thats how I remember it.

    I once had the late 1950’s SC badge with year bars..and also the Oval Royal Blue Supporters Association replacement Badge of 62/63.

    Sadly these and my Collection of other Clubs Supporters Club Badges of the 60’s no longer exist in my QPR Archives….I wish I had kept them.

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