Indy R’s Car Stickers Plus Other Merchandise News

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Our first car stickers became available earlier in the year and to date approx 50 have been sold. They are ¬£1.00 each and I’m also happy to do mail order. Postage & packing is 50p for any number and cheques are payable to, ‘Independent R’s’ and send to:-

91 Eastcote Lane

South Harrow



I will be receiving a quantity of the 4th Indy R’s badge very soon and this one will commemorate the 1947 Tour of Iceland. I have been taking orders for the first Indy R’s shirts and there has been a very good response for them so far. There are currently two examples of what they will look like on our message board. To order them, please either leave a message on that particular thread or email me at:
Steve Russell