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If anyone still needs any assistance with booking accommodation in Blackpool then Andy Morley can help you

My name is Andy Morley and I’m an R’s fan in Blackpool. I have been watching Rangers since I was 9 and I’m now aged 42. I hold three Season Tickets for myself and my two daughters. I have a Hotel Agency in Blackpool and the details can be found via the following link at:

I am happy to provide accommodation as I have done in the past, for any R’s fans staying in Blackpool for the match on 1st December. I have booked in quite a few already, mainly friends and all of which are in hotels within walking distance of the football ground and the town centre. Furthermore, I am also happy to provide free tickets to some of the popular pubs and clubs in the area. These normally sell for ¬£8 each per night and could save each fan up to ¬£40. This would also give the ability to queue jump and you will also be treated with respect by the door staff. The website displays many of the hotels I use and the prices are also clearly displayed. If any fan wishes to contact me direct to discuss any of the details or to get further information then please phone me on: 01253 863666.

Steve Russell

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  1. ……just got this email from him

    Andy here again.
    So far I have booked 136 people in. If any supporters have sorted their own accommodation out but would like some free nightlife tickets for many of the pubs and clubs please let me know and I will deliver them to their hotel. These tickets offer each fan drinks offers and queue jump as well as free entry.

    please phone me on: 01253 863666

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