My 50 Years Of Support For QPR FC (7th September 1957 to 7th September 2007) Part Two

A new dawn has broken has it not ? These words which were spoken by Tony Blair in May 1997 would have been far more appropriate had they been said by a certain Mr J. Gregory, the ambitious new Chairman at the start of the 1965/66 football Season. Yes, ‘Uncle Jim’ was taking us forward big time ! There were new signings, Langley, Allen, Sanderson, Watson, Marsh together with fresh Youth players like, Sibley, Hunt, Hazell, Leach, the Morgan twins and Peter Springett plus some ‘old school’ like Keen and Lazarus. Hooray ! We had the team, we had the fans and we had the money too !

The sighting shot of the 65/66 Division 3 promotion hard luck story, was followed by devastating direct hits. Firstly, the Division 3 Championship and League Cup trophies of 1967 then the photo finish promotion to our first ever top flight football in 1968. Hallelujah ! Unfortunately, we were promptly evicted from the ‘promised land’ in 1969. We were though, unlucky in many games and were not as bad as our record suggests. Also, Rodney Marsh was missing for nearly six months. We got away with his long term injury the previous Season but it was too much to ask amongst the elite.

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In the 1970’s, my jacket lapels and ties got wider. My hair grew longer and my team grew even greater. QPR FC were a force in the Land. Jago, Leach, Venables, Mancini, Parkes, Clement, Gillard, Masson, McLintock, Webb, Thomas, Francis, Hollins, Bowles, Givens, Sextoncarve their names with pride. Many of the best teams in England (and some in Europe too) were being taken on and beaten by a classy blue and white hooped soccer machine from Loftus Road. This was indeed superb football of a type never before seen by any R’s supporter but what happened to the just and proper reward ? Wither the silverware we so richly deserved ?

It was not to be found in the Division 2 promotion near miss of 71/72, the Division 2 second position of 72/73, the 6th Round, 2-0 FA Cup defeat to Leicester of 1974 and certainly not in the Football League Championship runners-up spot of 1975/76. They say that a week is a long time in politics but 15 minutes is an agonising eternity in an end of Season football match you know ! There was no joy either in the League Cup semi-final replay defeat by Aston Villa nor the UEFA Cup quarter-final exit to AEK Athens on penalties, both in the 1976/77 Season.

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After the Lord Mayor’s Show came the lull which was followed by relegation from Division One. The stars of the seventies had moved on and I too had moved on geographically speaking, to the wet of Manchester to a new residence and a new career. Was I leaving Rangers behind ? Never on your life, I was taking Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club with me !

Bernard Lambert (Kerrins)

(The first image is a Press photo from a training session in November 1976 at Ruislip in preparation for the match against Slovan Bratislava which the R’s went on to win 5-2. “Stan Bowles was in a happy mood as he jogged with team mate John Hollins during training today, he had just heard of his selection for the England squad.” The second image shows Dave Sexton celebrating with fans after the 2-0 win over Leeds in April 1976 – Steve Russell)

6 thoughts on “My 50 Years Of Support For QPR FC (7th September 1957 to 7th September 2007) Part Two

  1. Another good read and how I remember those days so well. Days we were fortunate enough to have lived through with great memories of a team that so enriched our lives. Will we ever see the likes again? Not for me, I was lucky enough 1st time round, but for the next Rs generation who have been starved for so long… We live in hope.

  2. Another great read Bernard.
    As jj says, I was also lucky enough first time round.
    Hopefully we will see some great sides in the future.
    But if not……..aah, what memories.


  3. Colin jj Steve

    I dont think any of us will live to see the like of that great 1975-1977 team again!..Eight Internationals(SIX picked for England!)..The Captains of BOTH England( Gerry Francis) and Scotland(Don Masson) at the same time with one club..I’m sure this has never been done before. Anoraks please check

    Sure Glad I was not born too late to miss all that.

    PS Steve Russell…Thanks for showing those pics

  4. Love the old pictures, what an era to be a Rangers fan.
    Well done great article looking forward to the history of the badge one.

  5. Once again you excell Bernard.

    Leslie Mitchell?

    All them great players, big crowds,wonderful football, beating the best.

    And not a replica bleeding shirt in sight….brilliant.

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