Items Of Desire: QPR Sew-On Badges

On show is my collection of QPR sew-on badges which I’ve amassed over the years. Not a great amount so far but then again, not a great amount were produced. Some of them are as rare as the proverbial ‘Rocking Horse Shxx’, as what usually happened, the badges were sewn on and as time went by, the garment got worn out or eventually went out of fashion and was binned. I never sewed any of mine on so I’ve got the badges still in their packaging. I got three of them direct from a company in E7 called ‘Maverick’. I can’t remember exactly when that was but I’d say it was sometime between the early and mid-80’s. The others are a mixture of ex-shirt badges, Club issue (the triangular one) and independent issues like ‘ARC’. The best one is the ‘fist’ design which I picked up a few years ago. I had never seen it before and will probably never see it again. I know more exist because I couldn’t afford to buy some of them in the late 70’s and these were made in the style of RAF wings. If anybody has got any they wish to part with, I’d be more than pleased to purchase them for my collection.

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Stuart Bilbe

3 thoughts on “Items Of Desire: QPR Sew-On Badges

  1. I’ve got the SUPER QPR OK one, too. found it in Germany last year. Wonder how that one got to travel so far…
    I’ve no idea whether it is rare or not.
    Nice collection!
    Greetings from Wiesbaden / Germany,

  2. I like badges. Where I come from badges are metal and have pins on them. I think you have a collection of patches. I like patches too. Patches and Badges Rock!

  3. Only just seen this and I too have a load of badges all from the 70s and unfortunately some were once sewn. At time I had a denim waistcoat covered in badges.
    In mid 70s I went on pre-season trips to Germany with QPR Supporters Club and swapped a few sew on badges for German pin badges!

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